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Kindergarten Sight Word Match Game

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Kindergarteners will have fun with this free sight word match game.

Learning sight words is just one stop on a child’s reading journey. But, learning sight words should be fun and your kindergartener is sure to love this word match game. Matching games have a lot of benefits for the mind of a growing child. Matching games increase short term memory and help children learn new concepts through play.

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Word match game for kindergarten

What are sight words?

I go into more detail here, but in a nutshell, sight words are words that kids should know just by looking at them. They either don’t follow a phonics rule or they occur so frequently in texts that it is best if kids know them by sight.

Why play word match games?

Playing word match games help kids develop the necessary skills for reading, writing, and spelling. Word match, or memory games, are fun for kids and are a super-easy way to connect with them. Once you have modeled how to play it can become an activity they play alone. Which means you might have just bought yourself a quick shower.

How to play as a matching game…

  1. Print two copies on cardstock.  Cardstock makes them sturdier for tiny hands. This is my favorite cardstock.
  2. Laminate. This is optional, but I highly recommend if you will be using them over and over or in a classroom.  I bought a home laminator that is perfect for small jobs.  You can also go to a teacher supply store like Lakeshore Learning and laminate your free word match game at a super reasonable cost.
  3. Cut the cards out.  If your kiddo is old enough this might be the perfect time to work on their scissor skills.  There will probably be a few oops, so if that is going to bother you then I would cut them yourself.
  4. Lay all cards face up so your child can see them.  As you look at each card notice things about the card.  Talk about the colors, the shapes, and what the different llamas look like.
  5. Start matching.  Be a matching cheerleader every time your child finds a match. If they choose two cards that don’t match talk about why.  This will help build critical thinking skills and vocabulary.

How to play as a memory game…

  1. Print two copies on cardstock.  Cardstock will also help disguise the design when turned facedown.
  2. Laminate.
  3. Cut the cards out. 
  4. Lay all cards facedown in equal columns and rows so your child can’t see them.  Practice choosing two cards looking for a match. This is also a great time to practicing waiting for your turn.
  5. Begin playing.  The player with the most matches wins or just play for fun!
matching game for kindergarten sight words

Download your free word match game here.

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