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Amazing Virtual Field Trips for Kids of All Ages

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Travel the world with the help of these 20 amazing virtual field trips. No permission slips required!

Traveling is expensive and sometimes impossible but that doesn’t mean you can’t see what this amazing world has to offer. Grab your kiddo and some snacks and head out on one of these amazing virtual field trips guaranteed to give everyone the travel bug.

virtual field trips

Houston Zoo

Whoop Houston! Check out six amazing animals on this virtual field trip.

giraffes at the Houston Zoo virtual field trip

San Diego Zoo

Explore the San Diego zoo and learn fun facts about the animals that live there. Click here for games, activities, and live webcams!

Yellowstone National Park

Take a trip through the beautiful Yellowstone National Park. Click on pictures and fun facts about the main attractions you can see at the park.


Take a 360 tour of Mars! It’s out of this world!!

Panda Encounter

Peek in on the Pandas at Zoo Atlanta. Learn interesting facts about these fluffy little animals.

Georgia Aquarium

Travel through the George Aquarium through these webcams. Check out the piranhas and the whales! Which animal is your favorite?

Farm Life

Farm Food 360 gives you a look inside different areas of the farm. Learn about everything from processing milk to growing pigs.

the farm virutal tour

Polar Bears on the Tundra

Learn all about polar bears on the Tundra from Discovery Education. There are videos and activities that make this a well-rounded fun yet educational virtual field trip.

The Great Wall of China

Tour the Great Wall of China. Stop at the watchtowers and learn about the different sections of The Great Wall.

The Boston Children’s Museum

Explore three floors of the Boston Children’s Museum. Whoa! I think a trip to Boston is in our future to visit this museum in real life!

The Louvre

Journey to the Louvre in Paris, France and see some of the most iconic art.

Virtual field trip to the louvre

The White House

Tour the White House and the interactive museum views of its grounds and the Eisenhower Executive Building, which houses many staff offices next door.

Google Lit Trips

Google Lit Trips are downloadable files that take you on the journies of famous and most loved book characters.

amazing virtual field trips

We will be adding more virtual trips as we come across them. Where do you want to go?

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