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VIPKid has been an amazing opportunity for me to make money while working from home. I get to teach and take care of my young daughter. Find out more about VIPKid and how I can help you make money from home.


In 2016, I decided to step out of the classroom to stay home with my daughter. This was a difficult choice, but one that was right for my family. I opened an in-home daycare that was going well, but my teacher’s heart missed teaching. Since going back into the classroom wasn’t an option I began looking for other opportunities to teach.

Enter VIPKid…
I had seen ads online and Facebook before about teaching with Chinese companies. Have you seen them? Well, you might have thought or be thinking what I was thinking…Nope, Nope, all the Nopes. That can’t be legit. No way. I probably wouldn’t get paid. Do they want me to learn Chinese? I didn’t understand how it all worked and didn’t bother looking into it more.

Until one day I did.

I was still leary, but I started by filling out the basic application. You can do that here if you want to check it out.

As long as you meet the minimum requirements you should receive a “YAY, You are moving forward with the process!” email from VIPKid. It is that quick. They are pretty automated.

The Minimum Requirements

VIPKid is the leader in ESL online learning and they are very very proud of this. They take it so seriously that everyone has to meet the very minimum requirements.

  • Bachelor’s degree (any field, does not have to be education)
  • 500 Hours of working with kids ( in any capacity. Think teacher, para, tutor, coach, camp counselor, in-home daycare, homeschool parent, church, etc..)
  • North American Accent- Sorry y’all, you gotta have it. Chinese families are paying a lot of money for their kids to learn to speak like what they think Americans speak like. If you have a thick regional accent or one from a second language you will need to learn to neutralize it. It can be done, we’ve seen it.
  • Be legally able to work in the US or Canada- I don’t know about Canadian law, but for the US you must be able to fill out the proper paperwork as an independent contractor. You will not be an employee of VIPKid; instead, you will be fulfilling a contracted position.
  • Have a working laptop or desktop with a reliable internet connection- at this time you are not able to teach from an iPad, tablet, or smartphone.

Let’s get to the good stuff…shall we?

What does VIPKid pay?

The pay seems confusing, but it is actually pretty straightforward.
You are paid per class. Each class is 25-minutes long plus 5 minutes for transition time, so 30 minutes total. Two, 30-minute classes equal one hour. No WAY! I know right? I told you it was simple.

You are paid between $7-9 a class. Times this by two and you have your hourly rate.

Your pay is determined after you complete your interview or mock class, so make sure you rock them out. They will take all your information to determine your per class rate.


I love free money and VIPKid loves giving money away. They offer two bonuses on a regular basis and then sprinkle others in throughout the year.

1. On-Time Bonus- show up to class on time and you get $1 for each class. It really is that simple.

2. Finished Classes Bonus- Finish 45 classes in a month and you get $1 per class.

Let’s do the math. Let’s say you are offered $7 per class. You start teaching, and you teach 45 classes in a month. You will receive an additional $2 per class which now makes you per class rate $9 which makes your hourly rate $18/hour. All from the comforts of your home.

Home is Where the Money is

Perhaps you are like me, a former teacher who wants to stay home with her child, trying to hustle to make up the income you have lost. I know I have tried all sorts of ways to bring in extra money…#allthemlms. Although the flexibility was an excellent option, I didn’t like the idea of hustlin’ and still not bringing in the bacon.

But maybe you are just looking for a way to earn some extra money or pass the time in between jobs. VIPKid could totally be for you.

With VIPKid, I can teach in my jammie pants (because it’s business on the top, party on the bottom). I teach before my daughter wakes up and when she goes to bed. I can pursue my other passions and take care of my family needs during the day. When I travel, my classroom comes with me since I teach online.

Not a teacher, Not a problem

While you technically do not have to be a classroom teacher, you do have to have experience working with kids. VIPKid keeps this requirement very broad. Here is a list of some things that can satisfy the 500 hours of working with kids requirement

  • Teacher
  • Homeschool Parent
  • Paraprofessional
  • Counselor
  • Youth Leader
  • Sunday School Teacher
  • Camp Counselor
  • Coach
  • Tutor
  • Community Volunteer (with kids)

If you have made it this far then, I suspect you are still wondering if VIPKid is really for you. Well, I have some REALLY great news. Yours truly has not only been a VIPKid teacher for over a year, but I am also a Fast Pass Coach. As a Fast Pass Coach, I coach applicants who are in the interview process to pass their Mock Class. What this means for you, is by clicking this link and applying you will get ME as your very own Fast Pass Coach. There is no cost to you. When you use this link VIPKid thanks me for finding new awesome teachers (another bonus) and they also kinda expect me to help you through this process. That’s great because it is what I love to do.

If you have any questions, you can contact me by leaving a comment below. I hope to chat with you soon.