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Easy Valentine Word Search

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Because word searches are super popular with young kids, I know they will love this Valentine word search.

valentine word search

Brain Benefits of Word Searches

Back in the day, you would have been hard pressed to find a word search in my classroom.

To me they just seemed like busy work. If I am being totally honest, that is mostly how I saw them being used.

So when I created this word search I set out to research how this simple activity could be so impactful to learning.

Here are just a few ways that word searches benefit your child’s brain and academic growth.

  • Introduce and review vocabulary: Word searches are a great way to introduce and reinforce academic vocabulary words or words around a particular theme.
  • Word Patterns: Kids will begin to recognize that words have patterns. Patterns like qu and th and that words with a-c-e all rhyme. Recognizing word patterns help kids with reading fluency and spelling.
  • Builds reasoning skills
  • Promotes problem-solving skills
  • The Dopamine Connection: According to Because dopamine is produced in our brains, when we finish a task like finding a word from the list in a word search we feel a sense of accomplishment. Our brains then reward us with dopamine which can keep us motivated throughout the day.
valentine word search

This free printable is easy and can be paired with any Valentine themed unit or used independently.

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