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Valentine Word Scramble

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Kids will love this free Valentine word scramble.

Not only is this Valentine word scramble super fun, but it also has a lot of brain benefits.

valentine word scramble

Brain Benefits of Word Scrambles

There are many brain benefits to word scrambles.

So while your kids are having fun, you know that you are helping them grow strong minds.

Here are just a few of the benefits this Valentine Word Scramble has to offer:

  • Extend Vocabulary: This simple worksheet will help increase your child’s vocabulary as they are exposed to new and old words related to Valentine’s Day.
  • Spelling: Kids will learn to spell common words related to Valentine’s Day
  • Friendly Competition: Word scrambles are great for competitive kids who like to try to solve puzzles first
  • Promote Problem Solving Skills
  • Educational and Fun!

Valentine Words Included

  • love
  • Valentine
  • cupid
  • sweet
  • friends
  • February
  • red
  • gift
  • heart
valentine word scramble

Pair this page with a book!

I am always looking for ways to incorporate books with any paper-pencil activity we do. Grab some books about Valentine’s Day and see how many of these words you can find in your books.

This is a great way to preview the words before finishing the page.

These word puzzles are great for kids from kindergarten up to adults.

While you may need to help your kindergartner or first grader by teaching them how to solve word scramble puzzles, your older kiddos should have no problem doing this independently.

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