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Valentine Cut and Compare Printable-FREE

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Help your little learner with their numbers using this free Valentine cut and compare printable.

This Valentine cut and compare printable set is a terrific way to practice counting, coloring, and matching.

I love how this is print-n-go and super printer ink friendly.

But my absolutely favorite thing about these printables are how many skills kids are working on at one time.

cut and compare math printable for preschool

Numbers 1-5 Worksheet

The Count the Hearts worksheet is perfect for extra practice with counting numbers 1 through 5 and recognizing sets.

Kids also get to practice their scissor and coloring skills.

This can be used at home for extra practice or integrated into your classroom as station work.

Compare the Valentine

This printable page gets kids paying attention to the details. This is an important skill as they move from simple math problems to story problems.

While the two activities are not similar they both use the same skill. This sheet is setting the foundation for critical thinking.

Kids also practice coloring inside the lines and strengthening their finger muscles.

cut and paste numbers 1 to 5 printable

Tips for Making the Valentine Cut and Compare Printable Set More Hands-on

What I love about this set is that you can turn it into a hands-on activity pretty easily.

Here are some tips for integrating hands-on activities with these worksheets.

  • Use conversation hearts and have your child place a candy hear directly on the page
  • Make sets of 1 to 5 with conversation hearts
  • Use matching stickers to create your set of same/different problems
  • After kids glue the numbers into place, cut them in strips and order them one to five

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Grab your free printable below.

Valentine Cut and Compare Printable Set

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