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Tracing Number 1 Worksheet

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Grab this free tracing number 1 worksheet.

Next up in my number tracing series is the tracing number 1 worksheet!

When we start to teach our kiddos their numbers, many of us begin with number one. Makes sense, but I want to challenge you to begin with the number zero first.

After they learn about zero they are ready to learn the number 1!

tracing number 1 worksheet

Introducing the Number 1

Before beginning the number 1 tracing worksheet I like to introduce the number 1 with a little song.

When kids use their whole bodies they tend to retain information faster.

Here is a cute video I found for introducing the number 1.

Writing Numbers

Writing numbers can be tricky, but kids seem to pick up the number 1 fairly quickly.

You can teach them a little chant like, “The number one is very quick. Pull straight down just like a stick!”

This number one mat gives kiddos a chance to practice it several ways.

First, they can use playdough to form the number. This helps build strength in their fingers which is needed for writing.

Next, point out the ten frame to them. Notice how there is only one dot in the ten frame.

Then, kids can practice tracing with directional arrows that show the proper formation.

After that, they practice with just the dots.

Finally, they try it on their own!!

I love the gradual release of these number mats!

tracing number 1

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Here are a few recommendations for making sure learning the number zero is simple and easy.

  1. Print the number mat on cardstock and laminate. This way it can be used over and over.
  2. Have a variety of dry erase markers and erasers. You will need good quality erasers and a solution especially made for dry erase boards. If the markers stain your mat, you can use a magic eraser to clean it right up.
  3. Introduce zero through books, songs, or both.

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    Download the Tracing Number 1 Worksheet

    tracing number 1 worksheet

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