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The Best Diaper Rash Cream

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Diaper rashes are no fun for anyone and as a mama you just want your baby to feel okay. Finding the best diaper rash cream can be tricky. Here is a list of favorites from experienced mamas.

When I was a new mom, I remember researching EVERYTHING before our girl arrived. Only the best would do for our new bundle of joy. Admittingly I stressed a little much about things. But, that’s what we do right?!? One question I see all the time is “What is the best diaper rash cream?” Mamas who are eager to ease their baby’s pain are desperate for the answer. I polled the mamas on our Facebook page to get their answers. Below is the list of the best diaper rash cream according to real moms.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

I asked the moms on our Facebook page which was their favorite diaper rash cream, this was the clear winner.

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This is what the Moms had to say on Facebook:

  • “Boudreaux ‘s butt paste! It was the only one that really worked on severe diaper rash on the sensitive skin of my babies’ bottoms. “
  • ” Boudreaux’s Butt Paste! Works like magic within one application!”
  • “BUTT PASTE, smells like cocoa butter, works so well, usually only need ONE application”
  •  “Boudreaux’s! Never used anything else!”
So you get the picture. Moms love it!

Triple Paste

Triple Paste was another favorite. It is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. This is what moms had to say about it:

“Triple paste 💯 Only thing that works for us and the rash is improved by next diaper change.”

“Triple Paste! It was the only thing that worked for my daughter.”

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A & D

What is great about A & D ointment is that it’s not just for babies with diaper rash. This ointment had lanolin which can also be used to protect your chafed skin and lips, too.

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baby and mom using the best diaper rash cream

Burt Bees Diaper Rash Cream

I love Burt Bees products. They are all-natural and work well for sensitive skin. This was my fallback ointment in case I was out of the favorite one.

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The best diaper rash cream (according to me).

First, I wanted to mention that this post is not sponsored by any of the products listed here. I will forever sing the praises of California Baby. Not only did it work wonders for my girl, but I also used it on the hinnies of the kids I cared for during the day.

California Baby

This stuff is like gold. Just a bit of this on the bum cleared up those nasty rashes almost instantly. As I mentioned, I used this on several tushes and it never let me down. They even have a sensitive skin formula. You can grab it right on Amazon. Click Here.

I purposly kept this list small because the last thing you need is to be overwhelmed with a zillion choices. But remember Mama, what works for one kiddo may not work for another. Don’t be afraid to ask your mama friends to borrow some so that you can test it out.

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