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Teaching Colors to Preschoolers

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Teaching colors can be a breeze with these no-prep activities and this set of free printable color sorting mats.

Teaching colors is an early skill that is taught to just about every preschooler around the world. With all the bright and beautiful colors around them, it is also is one of the easiest. Check out these tips for teaching colors and don’t forget to grab your free color sorting mats and pictures at the bottom. of this post.

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teaching colors to preschool

Activities for Teaching Colors

Teaching colors is one of those no-prep activities.

Meaning there is very little that needs to be done to prepare to teach your preschooler about colors.

Here are some simple no-prep activities to get your kiddo noticing and talking about colors.

Talk About Colors Every Chance You Can

One of the simplest ways to help your child learn about colors is to talk about them, a lot!

Whenever you ask for something, ask for it by color.

If you tell your kiddo to bring you something, include a color word. Literally, any time you can, use a color word.

“Throw mommy the blue ball.” “Grab that purple car and bring it here please.”

girl playing with colored balls

Play I-Spy

I-Spy is a super fun game for kids to play, and it is also the perfect game for helping kids recognize colors.

As you are walking through your neighborhood or running errands, you can start up a quick game of I-Spy.

Tell your kiddos you are only spying on things with colors and start the game off with something like, “I spy with my little eye something green.”

Your kids will have a blast searching for colors all around them.

Color Themed Days

This idea is a blast! Choose the color of the day.

Then, everyone dresses in that color. Choose foods that are your chosen color.

You might have to get creative with food, but you’ll be able to find food for each color.

Sing about how awesome your color of the day is and get them laughing and having fun with your themed day.

Check out these awesome rainbow crafts from Just Reed Blog.

coloring sorting maps

Teaching Colors with Books

I firmly believe that anything that needs to be taught can be done with books.

I love teaching all sorts of skills with books related to the topic, especially colors.

Check out these ebooks that are perfect for teaching colors to preschoolers.

Color Sorting Mats

The free printable color sorting mats are an easy, no-prep activity for preschoolers.

Simply print, laminate, and cut the color cards provided.

As kids sort the cards, be sure to encourage them to describe the color card in complete sentences.

“This is an orange triangle.” “I found a green caterpillar!”

You will be helping them build vocabulary while teaching them about colors.

teaching colors with free color sorting mat.

Download your free printable color sorting mats here.

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