Teacher Appreciation Gifts…(that aren’t mugs)

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The average teacher gets approximately 1,327,564  mugs as gifts during their teaching career (figures are exaggerated). While every teacher appreciation gift is certainly treasured, why not try something different this year.  Below are some of my favorite teacher appreciation gifts that aren’t mugs.

1. Willow Tree: You’re The Best

I absolutely love this sweet little gift. It lets your teacher know she is special yet is small enough that it won’t clutter up her classroom or shelf. Grab it here ——>Willow Tree: You’re the Best

2. Studio M Handcrafted Garden Art Metal Flower Pot

What I love about this gift is that it is very teachery but also serves a dual purpose.  This pot from Studio M is perfect for stuffing full of yummy treats, gift cards, teacher supplies.  When your teacher has used up its contents they can repurpose it by using it as a pen/sharpie/marker holder.  I loved getting gifts like this because I kept them stocked with writing utensils all over my classroom.  Grab it here —-> Studio M Handcrafted Garden Art Metal Flower Pot

3. Books!

Teachers love books and these two books will be sure to bring a tear to their eye.  Grab Thank You (a book for teacher) here & Grab Because I had a Teacher here

4. Keychains

Keychains are perfect teacher appreciation gifts because teachers likely have a lot of keys.  They have keys to their building, their classroom, and their cabinets.  Click here to grab your “Touches the Heart” keychain.

It does take a big heart to reach little minds and you can grab this special keychain here.

5. The Tote Bag

I won’t tell you how many teacher tote bags I still have. It’s kind of an obsession.  Seriously though, they make the perfect gift.  Again, you can fill these little beauties with teacher supplies and treats for the absolute perfect teacher appreciation gift. Grab this tote bag here —>I Teach Tote bag

Do you want to try a do-it-yourself teacher appreciation gift?  Try one of these 20 ideas!

If a gift isn’t in your budget this year a simple homemade card and “thank you” will still melt your teacher’s heart. Whatever you do, just make sure you let them know how much you appreciate the work they do.

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