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St. Patrick’s Day Bingo Game for Kids

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Check out this free St. Patrick’s Day bingo game for kids!

Bingo games are wildly popular with the kiddos. Since our llama bingo game was such a hit, I decided to make more for every occasion. As soon as my daughter saw this St. Patrick’s day bingo game she was begging me to play. This game can be played alone, although not as fun, or with a small group of friends.

three st. patrick's day bingo games

How to Play St Patrick’s Day Bingo

  • Print the needed amount of bingo cards (cardstock recommended)
  • Laminate (optional but strongly encouraged)
  • Print one to two sets of picture cards. This will depend on the number of kids playing. 
  • Turn the picture cards face down. Players will take turns drawing a card, searching for the character on their bingo board, and covering it with a chip.   I like these counting chips from Amazon because they are transparent and you can use them in lots of ways.
  • The first player to get a line across, up/down, or diagonal wins the game!
  • Trade bingo boards and repeat!

More than just a game…

While bingo is certainly fun there are other benefits to playing bingo with your kiddos. Playing bingo can increase their cognitive (thinking) ability.

Learning new skills can become easier when playing games which makes bingo the perfect activity for teaching just about anything.

While this St Patrick’s day bingo looks like a regular old game you can actually use these game boards to teach or reinforce colors, matching, letters, and math.

You can help them to recognize letters they see, count objects like the balloons or points on the star, and talk about vocabulary words related to the holiday.

There are lots of ways to turn these bingo games into a learning experience, but the most important thing to remember is to have fun!

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two st. patrick's day bingo games

More Bingo Fun!

Download your free St Patrick’s Day bingo games here.

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