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Matching Games for Kids: Solar System

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Matching games for kids are loads of fun. But did you know they have several benefits for kids?   They are also a great way to explore topics kids are interested in. I love this solar system matching game so much. 

These space graphics are super cute which will make learning about the solar system even more fun.

solar system matching game

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Matching Games for Kids Instructions

Download and print the game card and pieces. (I highly recommend printing them on card stock.)

Cut the pieces on the dotted line.

Choose how you want to play.

There are several ways to play a matching game.  Kids can simply find the matches cards or turn them over and play the memory game.

Have fun!

That’s it. Playing matching games could not get any easier.

For a truly well-rounded learning experience, pair this game with some of my favorite books on the solar system.

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