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Sight Words Flash Cards for Kindergarten

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Flashcards don’t have to be boring. Check out these fun games and grab your free set of sight words flash cards for kindergarten.

Sight words are words that either do not follow a phonics rule or that occur so frequently in texts that kids should remember these words rather than trying to sound them out. They are also known as high-frequency words. Sight words should only be taught after a child has learned all the letters and their sounds. I see so often parents sitting down with their child and a set of sight words flash cards running through them in what is called a drill and kill. These parents recognize the importance of kids knowing their sight words and they truly have a desire to help their children learn to read. However, they are missing an opportunity to help their child fall in love with words and reading. Below are five fun games to play with the flashcards that will be sure to engage your little reader.

sigh words flash cards

Which sight words do you use?

You are probably aware that there are different sight word lists floating around. These lists have been used for a long time and are certainly fine to use, but I am always on the search to use what is developmentally appropriate for kids. As a homeschool mama I have this amazing opportunity to enrich and engage her education but do so with lessons and skills that are developmentally appropriate. I have found that my philosophy of education aligns nicely with Fountas & Pinnell who are leading researchers in the field of literacy. I use their recommended kindergarten sight words. You can grab the free printable list here.

Sight Words Go-Fish

There are 25 words in this deck of flash cards. I recommend using 10 to 12 words for play. Shuffle the cards as you would with regular go-fish. Each player gets five cards. They find their sight word matches first then take turns asking their opponent if they have their needed sight words flashcard. Game is over when the first player is out of cards in their hands.

sight words go fish

Scavenger Hunt

Again I would reduce the number of words you use. Then place them around the house. There are two ways to play this game. First, your child simply goes on a hunt for the words. When they find one they bring the flashcard back to you and they must tell you the word in order to keep it. If they cannot tell you the word you get to keep it (be sure to tell them what the word is if they cannot). The second way to play is to give them clues as to where the words are. You can say something like, “The word is three letters long and begins with a c.” They must go and find the word “can” and bring it back to you.

Sight Words Book Hunt

For this fun activity, you will need a stack of simple books. It can be a mixture of books they have read, books they can, or books that have been read to them. Turn the stack of sight words flash cards upside down. Play chooses a card from the pile and races to find his/her sight word in the stack of books. Don’t give them too long to find their word. Maybe a minute or so. If they find it before the time is up they get to keep the card. If time expires the card goes back into the pile.

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Matching and memory games are classic games that can be played with just about any subject. They are especially perfect for using your sight words flash cards. Choose which words you want to focus on with your child. Set the rest of the cards aside. Lay the cards facedown in an array (equal rows and columns). Each time they turn over a card they should say the word aloud. Once they have found all the matches the game is over.

Slap It/War

Is it War? Is it Slap it? Who knows, who cares. This fast-paced game is full of fun. You may want to print two sets of the flash cards. Divide the card evenly between two players. Each player places their stack of cards face down in front of them. They turn over a card at the same time and place it between them. The game continues if the cards do not match. If they do match the first play to slap the card has to say the word in order to win all of the cards in the pile. If they correctly say the word the win all of the cards. The other player has a chance to steal the pile by correctly saying the word. The game is over when one player has no card remaining.

kindergarten sight words flash cards

Click here to download your free sight words flashcards.

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