Self-Care Ideas for the Busy Mom

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I know as a mama it’s hard to take time out for yourself, but it is necessary to practice self-care. Don’t feel guilty; it’s vital that mamas do things that can boost their emotional support and revitalize them for the day today. Here are a few ideas to get those idea gears turning. You may be surprised at some of these simple ideas!


7 Tips for Self-Care

• Workout, or do a class at your local gym:

Finding the perfect self-care idea is as close as your own living room. Physical exercise is proven to not only be healthy for your body but for your mind as well.  If you struggle with body image, working out can help you tremendously. You will become stronger, and overall, more confident. If a gym membership is not in the budget I recommend Beach Body On Demand. BBOD has fantastic videos that you can do from home. A bonus is your kids will likely want to join in on the fun.

• Find your tribe:

Plan a coffee date or dinner with a friend. We all need grown-up time and adult conversation. Look for a local MOPS group or volunteer organization in your area. It can be super uncomfortable putting yourself out there, but when you find your tribe, you will be so glad you did.

• Treat yourself:

Once you’re a mama, it may feel like a lot of the money goes to baby/kid essentials. It may also feel like it’s just easier to spend money on them. Go and buy a book you’ve been eyeing or that dress that speaks to you. You deserve it; treat yourself!

• Polish Up:

Go get a mani/pedi; you would be shocked at how well “put together” this will make you feel. You can now conquer the world, or mom duties, same thing!

• Spouse Care:

Date your spouse. It may sound silly under “self-care” but, if you’re stuck in a rut with your significant other, this can put a damper on your overall mood/emotional health. Stay in for a dinner and movie after little(s) are in bed or get a sitter and get out!

• Change up the bath routine:

As in giving yourself a bath. I know it’s easy to get caught up in nightly bath time routines with your child(ren) but, relaxing at the end of a long day can soothe the soul.

• Rest up:

“Sleep when they sleep” isn’t just for the newborn stage. This is excellent advice no matter how old your kids are. Instead of cleaning when your littles are sleeping, try napping. Fight the urge to do all the things; you need rest too!

The most important thing to remember is you are important and your health matters! You might have people to look after and raise, but you very much need to take care of yourself!


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