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My Sweet Girl: It’s Ok to Be Loud

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Raising girls in today’s world can be a challenge. Gone are the days where we teach them to stand still and look pretty. Let’s instead, raise our girls to be loud.

My Sweet Girl,

You have had something to say since the second you were born.

We knew it from your first cry. It was as if you were telling the nurses, “Cover me up and turn off these lights.” Right away we knew you were born to be loud.

Then we saw it in your facial expressions.

Oh, the faces you made. You were able to tell us with each grin and crinkled nose just what you were feeling.

Next came the sign language.

Your little hands would move feverishly if we didn’t give you what you needed in what you felt was ample time.

girl using her voice to be loud

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Then as kids do, you learned to talk with your words, and there hasn’t been a quiet moment since.

Everything you do is loud. Crying and tantrums…loud.

Laughing and singing…loud, loud and more loud.

There was a time I used to shush you. Like that one time in Home Depot when you picked up a garden hose attachment and started singing at the top of your lungs.

Or when you ask a gazillion questions during a movie.

And when you yell your request because you feel as if I am not listening to you.

Well baby girl, I am sorry about those times. Because the truth is it’s okay to be loud. I want you to be.

I want you to squeal with excitement when you see your best friend for the first time in a while.

Go ahead and sing “Into the Unknown” as if you are standing on a Broadway stage.

strong girl, learning to be loud
Photo courtesy of spryART Photography

Unfortunately, there will be people and systems who will try to quiet your voice.

Somewhere, someone is going to think that girls should be seen and not heard.

Don’t let these people silence you. Be loud.

I want you to raise your voice in those times when a boy, your friends, or even strangers try to get you to do something you don’t want to do.

Be loud in your faith and your convictions. When you see unjust in front of you, take a stand, and be loud.

I pray that most of all, you will be always be loud in kindness, in truth, and in love.

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