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Martin Luther King Jr Coloring Pages

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Help bring the stories and message of MLK to life with these Martin Luther King Jr. coloring pages.

Every January school kids around the country take some time to learn about the life and times of Marting Luther King Jr. They read books about him, create their own “I have a dream” speeches” and complete other activities. It’s never too young to start introducing his messages to kids. So, I created these Martin Luther King Jr. coloring pages for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

free printable coloring pages about martin luther king jr.

Watch: Martin Luther King Jr. video from BrainPop

This set of Martin Luther King Jr. coloring pages includes:

  • 5 coloring pages
  • A writing prompt with space to create their own picture
  • Large and small coloring areas to practice hand-eye coordination


Improves Handwriting
The more practice kids have holding writing tools, the stronger their fingers get. You don’t want to force kids to write all the time, so why not practice with some coloring pages.

Practice with writing tools
Coloring books expose kids to different kinds of writing tools. They will work on strengthing their tiny finger muscles while learning the proper way to grip their preferred writing tool.

Increases hand-eye coordination
When kids color, they are often looking at small areas of their picture and making a decision on which color to use. This is helping to promote better hand-eye coordination as they color in a specific area of their image.

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Practice Patience
Teaching kids to color in the lines is teaching them the art of patience. Most kids to want to hurry through their coloring to get to other activities. Coloring books can really help them to slow down.

When kids color, they start to develop essential skills like focusing on the tiny details.

They begin to notice the small things. Focus is something that can be taught, and coloring books are a great way to do that.

Color Recognition
One of your child’s early exposure to colors is usually through coloring books.

They begin to understand that color can bring pictures to life. Coloring books also allow them to experiment with colors.

Try not to dictate too much which colors they use. Just sit back and enjoy the pink grass and purple sky. Their imagination is the only limit when exploring colors.

Coloring books allow your kiddo’s creativity to shine.

The colors they choose to use gives you a little peek inside their personalities.

Bonding Time
Coloring can be an effortless way to bond with your kiddos.

My favorite coloring book for bonding time is the mommy and me coloring books.

These books are usually filled with coloring pages designed for mom and then a near-identical image intended for a child. They are a great way to model patience, focus, and creativity.

free martin luther king jr coloring pages

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Download here.

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