My Little Firefly Turned Three-Mermaid FREEBIE


I’m not sure how we got to three but here we are.  It seems like yesterday she was born.  Three years have passed so quickly and so slowly at the same time.  We celebrated with a day at The Downtown Aquarium with a mermaid theme party. It was mostly family and her BFF.  She rode rides, oooed and awed over the aquatic life, and ate her deliciously beautiful mermaid cake.  She isn’t quite old enough to tell me what type of birthday she wanted. I did ask. All she could tell me is that she wanted chocolate cake. I chose a mermaid them because I love the colors. She loved it and had the best time.  Check out some pictures below.  Also, grab your mermaid freebie at the bottom of this post. 

Getting a picture from a three-year-old

is nearly impossible.  Some days she likes to pose, other days

she holds balloons in front of her face.

I would have bet money she wouldn’t touch

the stingrays. I would be broke. She jumped right in

and fed them. That is my (sometimes) fearless girl. 

The cake was a hit. We hired a professional.

I try not to go overboard on the party, but

I think a well-designed cake is a top priority.

It was a super fun day. I suspect they will just get better from here. My girl wasn’t in the car seat for 5 minutes before she passed out. Even mermaids need to sleep.


Now it is time to write the thank you cards.  We haven’t done this much in the past birthdays because she was so young. I think she gets it now and is going to totally love writing them to her family and friends that came to play with her.  


mermaid thank youmermaid thank you card


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