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Letter T Worksheets and Activities

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Next in the set of alphabet practice for kids are these letter t worksheets. Grab them below.

The letter Tt is one of the first letters I introduce to kids. Once they learn this letter they will be able to use it in several word families. These free Letter T worksheets are perfect for learning to read, write, and say this letter.

Check out these 13 activities your young learner will surely love.

letter t worksheets



This page is very versatile.

I recommend having one that you can laminate and one that kids can mark on.

For the laminated version, kids can use playdough or a dry erase marker to trace the capital and lowercase letters.

This page can also be used as a craft page. Kids can glue pictures of things that start with a Tt inside the letter.

Another option is to cut out Tt from magazines and paste them inside.

Your imagination is the only limit to how you can use the Letter T worksheets.


There are two different sorting activities to help reinforce the concept of a capital letter and a lowercase letter.

The toucan sort is perfect for hands-on practice.

Once they have done that activity they can take the black and white sort and glue it into an interactive notebook. This page is also perfect for practicing their scissor cutting and gluing skills.


There are three Letter T worksheets where kids get to work on their small motor skills while practicing the letter.

Grab some dot paint and let them practice dot painting the letters.

There are two seek n find activities where each kiddo has to search for, find, and color in the Letter Tt.

letter t activities


Learning to write involves a combination of skills and abilities and an understanding of language.

Because of this, it usually is a skill that progresses much later. If a child is recognizing letters, their sounds, and has the fine-motor skills to grip a pencil or crayon, they are ready to practice writing their letters.

Two Letter Tt worksheets help kids with their writing skills.

The first one teaches them how to form the letter by making simple marks on a line.

You can practice these lines in an interactive notebook before practicing on the page; You might even choose to put this page into an interactive notebook.

The second activity is similar but just has them tracing letters with the letter guides to help them.

The bottom line is that writing to come alongside reading for a well-rounded literacy program.

letter t worksheets

More Letter Practice for Preschool and Kindergarten

Grab Your Letter Tt Printables

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