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Letter J Worksheets

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These letter j worksheets are the perfect way for preschoolers and kindergartners to practice recognizing and writing the letter j.

There are 10 activities that have kids sorting, reading, writing, and crafting.

letter j worksheets

Tracing Letter J

Letter j tracing worksheets in this free printable pack help young writers learn the strokes associated with the letter j.

Our preschool/ kindergarten activity packs include two pages of letter tracing practice.

One page include directional arrows to teach them the steps to writing the letter.

I recommend laminating a copy or putting the letter j worksheets in a sheet protector so that they can practice over and over.

Letter j worksheets

Things that Start with the Letter J

  • jacket
  • jeans
  • juggler
  • jump
  • jam
  • jellyfish
  • jewels
  • juice
  • jelly beans
  • jack-o-lantern
  • jet
  • jug
  • jar


There are two different sorting activities to help reinforce the concept of a capital letter and a lowercase letter.

Once they have done that activity they can take the black and white sort and glue it into an interactive notebook.


There are three letter j worksheets where kids get to work on their small motor skills while practicing the letter.

Grab some dot paint and let them practice dot painting the letters.

Letter J worksheets

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Have fun with the letter J!

I have included two games so that kids can have even more fun while learning.

There is tic-tac-toe and matching with pictures of things that begin with j.

Check out the other letters (also free) and I would love to hear how you liked this printable pack.

I am slowly rolling out the whole alphabet to my blog readers, but you can grab the whole set (A to Z) right now by clicking here.

Download your free Letter J worksheets here.

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