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Letter D Worksheets For Pre-K and Kindergarten

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D is for dogs and donuts. D is also for don’t miss out on these letter d worksheets.

This set of letter d worksheets has ten activities which cover several different skills.

letter d worksheets

What is Included:

In this pack there are two letter d tracing worksheets.

One of the letter tracing pages include directional numbers for those beginning writers.

You can laminate them or put them in a sheet protector to use over and over.

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Also included are several pages where kids can do an arts and craft project.

They can dot paint, finger paint, collage, and so much more.

letter d worksheets


There are two different sorting activities to help reinforce the concept of a capital letter and a lowercase letter.

Once they have done that activity they can take the black and white sort and glue it into an interactive notebook.

Things that start with the letter D

  • dog
  • donut
  • dinosaur
  • dice
  • drum*
  • deer
  • doll
  • dime
  • duck
  • dolphin

*A little note about the word drum. I did include it in this packet, but typically when I am introducing letters, I do not like to include words with a blend /dr/. It can be confusing for new learners, and if it is, you can replace that word with something else.

letter d printables

Download your letter D worksheets here.

I hope you enjoy this pack. Be on the lookout for more letters coming soon. If you don’t want to wait until the whole alphabet is released you can grab the MEGA pack from A to Z right now!

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