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Letter C Worksheets and Activities for Kindergarten

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Grab these free letter c worksheets for your littlest learner.

The letter Cc begins the next set of letters I introduce to kids. These letter c worksheets will help your kids practice writing, reading, sorting, and saying this letter.

The letter c makes two sounds and some kids might pick up on this right away when they are studying words.

If your kiddos do notice the difference, you can go ahead and explain that the letter c makes a hard sound /k/ and a soft sound /s/. C usually makes the soft sound when it is followed by the letters “Ii, Ee, or Yy.”

And of course we know it also sounds the same as the letter Kk. Boy oh boy English is tricky!!

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letter c worksheets

Letter C Tracing Worksheets

This printable pack includes letter c tracing worksheets to practice the circular stroke of the letter.

You can also use the outlined pages for fun craft projects.


There are two different sorting activities to help reinforce the concept of a capital letter and a lowercase letter.

Once they have done that activity they can take the black and white sort and glue it into an interactive notebook.

This page is also perfect for practicing their scissor cutting and gluing skills.

letter c worksheets

Seek n Find and Dot Painting

There are three Letter C worksheets where kids get to work on their small motor skills while practicing the letter.

Grab some dot paint and let them practice dot painting the letters.

There are two seek n find activities where each kiddo has to search for, find, and color in the Letter C.

letter c worksheets and printables


Learning to write involves a combination of skills and abilities and an understanding of language. Because of this, it usually is a skill that progresses much later.

If a child is recognizing letters, their sounds, and has the fine-motor skills to grip a pencil or crayon, they are ready to practice writing their letters.

Two Letter C worksheets help kids with their writing skills.

The first one teaches them how to form the letter by making simple marks on a line. You can practice these lines in an interactive notebook before practicing on the page; You might even choose to put this page into an interactive notebook.

The second activity is similar but just has them tracing letters with the letter guides to help them.

More Letter Practice

Grab Your Letter C Worksheets

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