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Kindergarten Sight Words Worksheets

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Grab these free printable kinder sight words worksheets for your little reader.

Sight words and kindergarten go hand in hand. But, how exactly do you practice sight words in kindergarten? Well, the absolute best way is through books and hands-on experiences. The more they interact with these words the faster they will get at reading them. These kinder sight words worksheets give them the opportunity to read, say, write, and find their sight words.

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So what exactly are sight words and why are they important?

Sight words are words that either doesn’t follow a phonics rule or that occur so frequently in a text that it is better for a kiddo to remember these words rather than sounding them out. Knowing these high-frequency words can help a child build fluency and more important confidence with reading.

kindergarten sight words worksheet

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These printables can be used after the words have been introduced. If you laminate them or put them in a sheet protector you can use them again to reinforce their learning. The worksheet is great for all learning styles because it requires them to say, do, and think.

Read It, Say it!

In this section you kiddo will read the word and then say it aloud. You can also have them trace the letters with their finger and count how many letters are in the word.

Write It!

Your child will trace the word. To extend you can bring in a writing/reading journal and have them practice writing the word on their own.

kindergarten sight words worksheet

Find it!

Go on a hunt for your sight word. Once they have found it they can color the circle or use dot paint. To extend this activity have them hunt for the word in a children’s book.

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