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Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids-The Ultimate List!

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Are you getting a case of cabin fever? Try this indoor scavenger hunt for kids and beat the boredom.

Whatever is keeping your kiddos inside, this indoor scavenger hunt for kids is sure to cure the boredom blues. This free printable scavenger hunt is simple and fun.

Depending on how you play it could give your kiddos up to 45 minutes of fun and keep everyone from going a little stir crazy.

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indoor scavenger hunt for kids printable

Ways to Play

There are several ways to play this fun indoor game. You can hand them the list and let them be on their way.

If there is more than one kiddo, you can challenge them to see who can find all the items first.

Or maybe the challenge is to see who can find their item in under a minute. There really is no wrong way to play this game.

If you want the game to last a little bit longer, you can keep the list with you. Call out one item at a time and let them loose to go find it.

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    Use this indoor scavenger hunt for kids printable to have a virtual playdate!

    You might find yourself stuck inside for several days or even weeks (Hello March and April of 2020).

    If that is the case this is the perfect came to play virtually. Grab some friends and a secure zoom link and let the fun begin.

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    Download your free printable scavenger hunt here.

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