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How to Make Moon Sand Like a Boss

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Our newest favorite obsession is making moon sand. Moon Sand is one of the most effortless things you will ever make, and it is sure to keep the kids busy for at least a trip to the bathroom alone. Learn how to make Moon Sand like a boss and your kids will think you are a real superhero.

make moon sand like a boss

Benefits of Moon Sand

Moon Sand is Super Easy to Make

Moon sand requires two ingredients, flour, and an oil. That’s it. You probably have these ingredients in your house right now.

It’s Not Sticky

Moon sand doesn’t stick to your skin like regular sand.  While some of the sand remains on the fingertips, it is super easy to brush off.

Pro tip: Don’t play with the sand with wet hands.  Water combined with flour makes for a nice paste but not much fun to play with or clean up.

It’s Edible(ish)

Technically it can be consumed. Depending on the oil used, there isn’t anything that isn’t edible. However, just because it’s okay to eat doesn’t mean it tastes okay.  Even still, you can rest assured that if your littlest little one decided to take a bite, you wouldn’t be rushing to call poison control.

Sensory Play All Day

Moon sand is an excellent sensory play activity.  You can read more about why sensory play is important here, but my favorite thing about moon sand is that it helps build small motor skills. When kiddos work with their fingers they strengthen their finger muscles which helps them with other activities like writing, coloring and getting themselves dress.  Who knew Moon Sand could help with all of that?

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How to Make Moon Sand Like a Boss

One thing I love about making Moon Sand is that you really can’t mess it up. There are only two ingredients and if you accidentally add more of one than you need you just balance it out with the other ingredient.


  • 1/2c Flour
  • 2tbs Oil

I like to make small batches.  This makes enough for one kid to play in and grab with their fingers.  A small batch of sand might be best for small toddlers.  If your kids want to make things with their sand you will need to double or triple the batch.  Again this is so easy to do.

Which type of oil do I use?



Great question.  I set out to set different oils I had in my house.  I used coconut, baby, and vegetable oils.  All three oils produced the same consistency as far as the sand was concerned.

Baby Oil

Sand made with baby oil made me want to go find all the babies in the area and snuggle them up. It also left my hands feeling very soft.  However, baby oil didn’t mix well with food coloring so using it for colored sand may not be the best choice.

Coconut Oil

Again, it had the same consistency as the sand made with baby oil and it mixed OKAY with food coloring.  It was also soft and has a good aroma.

Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil mixed the best with the food coloring. This is your go-to oil if you want to make colored Moon Sand.



Step 1: Pour flour into a bowl then add the oil.

Step 2: Mix until flour is clumpy then knead it with your fingers making to sure to incorporate the oil really well.


If you want to make colored sand pour your oil into a small bowl and then add about five to six drops of food coloring.  Mix really well.  Your oil is never going to turn a solid color but you will see the specks of food coloring spread out more.  Repeat this step as many times as you like to get the color you want.  Pour the oil and food coloring mixture into the flour and repeat Steps 1 & 2.


easy sensory activity for kids moon sand-behind the mom bun


Storing Your Moon Sand

You can keep your Moon Sand in a plastic container with a tight lid or in a plastic Ziploc bag.  I don’t have an exact expiration date but I would suggest tossing your Moon Sand after about a month.

That’s it!  Super easy!

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