Must-Have Homeschool Supplies that Will Simplify Your Life

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Having the homeschool supplies you need on hand will make doing those last-minute projects so simple.

I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to do an activity with my kid and I don’t have that ONE thing I need to complete it. It’s super frustrating. Homeschooling has definitely had its learning curve but I have figured out some must-have homeschool supplies I need to keep on hand and now I want to share them with you!

Basic School Supplies

There are someschool supply staples that every house with young children need. Check them out below.


This one seems like a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many times kids lose or run out of a certain color. I like to keep a few extra boxes hidden for just that reason.

They also make neat little skin tone crayons that did not exist when I was growing. Definitely grab a few packs of those.


Another supply that seems to go missing regularly is the scissors. The struggle is real in this house. I have several pairs still in the package because ours get misplaced and then disappear. Kind of like the food storage lids and tiny socks.

I like these safety scissors for kids because they are easy to use. They are great scissors for super small hands and kids who are just learning to use scissors.


There are a ton of writing apps that help kids learn to trace but nothing beats good ol’ paper and pencil.

As a former classroom teacher, I highly recommend the Ticonderoga brand. They are sturdy and sharpen well.

For the littlest writers, I recommend golf pencils. They are easier to grip and tiny hands tend to have better control of the pencil.


Another must have is a wide variety of paper because sometimes notebook paper won’t be enough.

I like to keep card stock and good quality construction paper on hand for those last minute project ideas.

You will want to use a heavier weight cardstock for printing games and activities that will be used over and over again.

I have found that the Tru-Ray brand is brighter and more durable than other brands of construction paper.

I keep copy paper on hand when my daughter feels inspired to make a book and draw a random picture. It’s cheaper than construction paper!

Pencil Sharpener

Pencil sharpeners are another one of those things that I lose frequently. I usually grab a ton of the littles ones during back to school sales. I also invested in an industrial pencil sharpener that plugs in so that I can’t lose it. It will literally feel like your kid or kids are eating their pencils, so having one of these around is definitely a must have.

homeschool supplies

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Art and Craft Supplies

Art and Craft time is a big part of our homeschooling week. Many activities in pre-k and kindergarten incorporate some type of art and craft. Here are some supplies to keep handy for those impromptu projects.

Watercolor Paint

What I love about this set of watercolor paint is that it comes in small tubes. With the trays of watercolor paints, everything gets all gunky. With this, you can dab a little in the provided tray and then wash it when you are done.

Dot Paint

Dot paint is just fun to use. Many of my printables, like this awesome Letter A pack include some form of dot painting.

Paint Brushes

Sponge paint brushes are just another one of those must-have homeschool supplies. They are super versatile and provide a lot of coverage quickly. This is great for younger artists who may lose interest quickly.

You might also want to keep a decent set of paint brushes on hand for watercolor and acrylic painting.

Wiggly Eyes

You have no idea how wiggly eyes can change a whole project.

Suddenly a green piece of paper becomes a dinosaur as soon as you add the wiggly eyes.

More Homeschool Supplies that are Great to Have Around

Homeschool Supplies for Printables

I give away a lot of printables on this site. I also print a lot through testing and ordering printables from others. There are items that I have found that make printing and saving a easier.


This Scotch laminator is a beast. I have laminated hundred of games and printables and it still works perfectly.

Another way I use this laminator is by laminating my daughters artwork.

It is an awesome way to keep those special projects looking new for years to come.

You will also need laminating sheets. I have used several different brands and I have found that the Amazon brand is just as good and cheaper than the rest.

Paper Cutter

I cannot function without my paper cutter. I lent mine to my friend for a few weeks and all of my printables just kept piling up.

This is just one of those tools that make your life super simple.

Other Fun Homeschool Supplies

Floor Loungers

Finding a comfortable place to read is sometimes all your child needs to get lost in a great book.

These floor loungers are perfect for reading and playing on the floor. There are several colors and designs available.


Little kids can learn about our amazing world with this talking globe. Sure a regular globe will do the trick but sometimes it’s fun to be a little extra.

Kindle Kids Edition

I am an Apple product Mama all the way. BUT I do love the Kindle because A. it’s less expensive and B. it is easy for kids to read books on.

Usually, if I can’t find a book at the library or I need a last-second book for a lesson I can find it on the Kindle.

I will be updating this list as I continue on my homeschool journey. As my kid gets older, I am sure she will need more things.

I would love to hear some of your must-have supplies. Please drop a comment with something you couldn’t live without while homeschooling.

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