Three Easy Goal Ideas for Busy Moms

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A little change in language goes a long way toward accomplishing new things this year. Instead of making a resolution, think of them as goals. Check out three easy goal ideas you can start anytime.

I don’t love making new year resolutions. As a busy mom, they seem more like a magic trick that a magician has up his sleeve. Most moms I know are so busy that they don’t even have time to make a grocery list let alone a list of resolutions. But goals; I can make goals.  Goals are something to work towards versus a statement that you are going to do something. The new year always seems like the perfect time to get your life in order, but setting goals can happen at any time. Here are three goal ideas for busy moms to help make sure you are taking care of yourself. 

Self Care is NOT Selfish

Mamas hear me…it is okay to take time for yourselves. You MUST make time for you. I recently read a quote online that said, “You were someone before you were their mom and that person matters.” You may ask yourself if this is possible. Whether you think it is impossible or possible, you are right. Taking as little as 10 minutes a day could do so much to improve your overall mental health. You can read a short devotion for the day and reflect on what it means to you, read a few chapters of the newest book craze, or listen to oldies but goodies on iTunes. By taking a few minutes out of your day, you will feel better and be in a better mood. If you take these 10 minutes at the start of your day you are setting yourself up for a positive mindset. The power of positive thinking can be highly contagious. When Mama is happy, everyone is happy.

busy mom reading about goal ideas this new year

Exercise Makes You Happy, Happy Moms Don’t Lose Their Minds (as often)

It is not national news that exercise is important, but my goodness is it hard when you have children in tow. The YMCA is a great place to start. There is pretty much one in every town across the United States. Most Ys offer childcare and a family fitness program. An option I like as a busy mom is Beach Body on Demand, for a pretty reasonable price you have access to dozens of types of workouts and some fun dance workouts your kids will love. The best part is that you can do them at home. If you need a little motivation, find a friend who will hold you accountable.

Family Time is the Best Time

More goal ideas Mamas can make is to spend more time with their families. Now you may think, “I am always with my family. That is all I ever do is be with my family.” I hear you, trust me I do. But your family needs to spend time with you outside of the daily work of keeping a household running. One easy way to make sure you follow through with this resolution is to actually write the time on the calendar. This time can be a family game night, craft time, or afternoon on the town. By scheduling it in you are more likely to follow through and less likely to overcommit. Your kids may think this is kind of corny but will learn to appreciate this time together and be thankful for it when they are older. We are pulled into a million different directions, a simple gesture of making time for them is one our kids truly appreciate.

If while you are reading these goal ideas for the new year, you are thinking “but” no worries, I get that too. Maybe just try one thing. Focus on one area you would like to feel better about and start there. You will be amazed at how contagious just a little positive change can be.

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