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Galaxy Slime for Kids That’s Out of This World

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Are you looking for some out of this world fun? This galaxy slime is a must-try! There is just something about making slime that makes kids go wild.

This galaxy slime for kids is the perfect activity for your budding astronaut. We made this slime recipe using products you likely have in your house already.

Our galaxy slime uses four colors which makes it the perfect activity for a small group of kids.

Are you planning a galaxy themed birthday party?

Try adding a slime station and include a little take-home cup.

Now you have an activity and a party favor!

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Ingredients to make slime

ingredients to make galaxy slime

1 (6 ounces) bottle Elmer’s Glue in each: black, silver, pink, and blue

About 1⁄4 cup warm water, for each batch

1⁄2 teaspoon baking soda, for each batch

1 tablespoon contact lens solution (containing boric acid), for each batch

Toys or foil confetti (if desired) Check out these awesome space confetti ideas.

How to Make Galaxy Slime for Kids

You will make four separate batches of slime with one in each color.

Empty the glue into a large bowl.

empty the glue into a large bowl

Fill the empty glue bottle about 1⁄3 full with warm water (about 1⁄4 cup) and seal with the lid. Shake well to combine the remaining glue with the water.

Pour into bowl with glue and stir to combine

pour the warm water in and stir

Add the baking soda to the glue and stir to mix thoroughly.

If you are adding additional glitter or confetti to your galaxy slime, stir the glitter into the glue mixture.

Add contact lens solution to the glue mixture and stir well.

(Note: regular glue will require less contact lens solution than glitter glue. Add the contact lens solution slowly, mixing between additions, and add only enough to bring the glue together into a softball.)

Remove the galaxy slime from the bowl allowing any excess liquid to remain in the bowl.

The slime will be sticky. Begin to play with the slime, kneading it as you would bread dough, to bring the slime together.

The slime is ready when no longer sticky.

play with galaxy slime to mix

Best if stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator when not in use.

That’s it! Pretty simple.

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