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Free Valentine Llama Bingo

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Valentine games are super fun to play when you are a kid. This Valentine llama bingo game is the perfect addition to any Valentine celebration.

Use these free bingo games to play with a small group in class or at home. The Valentine llama bingo game is probably one of the easiest games to play during a class party or at home.

valentine llama bingo game from behind the mom bun


  • Print the needed amount of Bingo cards (cardstock recommended)
  • Laminate (optional but strongly encouraged)
  • Print one to two sets of character cards. This will depend on the number of kids playing. 
  • Turn the character cards face down. Players will take turns drawing a card, searching for the character on their bingo board, and covering it with a chip.   I like these counting chips from Amazon because they are transparent and you can use them in lots of ways.
  • The first player to get a line across, up/down, or diagonal wins the Valentine llama bingo game
  • Trade bingo boards and repeat!

Isn’t that llama craft so adorable?? You can check out the full tutorial here.

free bingo games

All of our free bingo games are for personal or classroom use. Please send all your friends a link to this post so they can grab their own copy.

What is included

There are five unique bingo cards and two character card sheets. The bingo cards are designed to be printed on standard 8.5×11 cardstock which makes it easy for little hands. You can also format the pdf to print two to a page to make them a little smaller.

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Download your free Valentine Llama bingo game here.

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