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Free Printable Preschool Activities for Summer

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Keep little ones busy this summer with this set of free printable preschool activities.

Grab your set of free printable preschool activities is perfect for your little one this summer. This pack comes with nine different activities. This activity set has a little bit of everything to help them get ready for kindergarten.

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free printable preschool activities

Inluded in this set of free printable preschool activities:

Two number sequencing puzzles from 1-10

Your child will use the brightly colored photos to learn how to sequence numbers one to 10.

Matching Game

Kids loce matching games and as it turns out there are a lot of benefits to playing matching games. You can use these cards to build vocabulary about summer and reinforce color recognition.

Eight Simple Puzzles

Simple puzzles are a great way to introduce parts and putting things together.

Line Tracing

Line tracing activities helps to build hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.


With the pattern activity, kids have an opportunity to complete a simple A/B pattern. They can also use the cut-out cards to create their own patterns.

Order by Size

You can use almost anything to teach order by size, including these fun summer pictures.


Help teach kids to recognize what is the same about a group of objects and what is different.

Letter Recognition Puzzles

Preschoolers are just learning to recongize capital and lower case letters. You can make it fun with these simple letter recognition puzzles.

Four-Page Coloring Book

Because play and coloring are as important as any other skill, I have inlcuded a 4 page coloring book.

free printable preschool activities

I highly recommend that you laminate this activity pack. Once you have taught your child how to play with each activity it becomes a great independent playtime choice.

Have fun!

Download your set here.

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