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Free Counting Coloring Books for Kids: Farm Life. Happy Life.

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One of my favorite preschool themes is the farm animals theme.  Kids have so much fun singing and learning about farm life. The farm life, happy life coloring pages is one of the best free coloring books for kids you’ll find.  Download this 20+ page printable pack for your preschooler today.


Our coloring books for kids include:

  • 20+ coloring pages to help your little Picasso build their fine motor skills
  • High-frequency (sight word) word practice with I and see
  • Simple sentence patterns to build fluency and confidence
  • Math skills practice with One to one correspondence counting to 10

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Suggestions for Use

There are many different ways to use these free coloring pages.  All of them are so simple and fun your preschooler won’t even know they are learning.

  1. Coloring the pictures then count.  Read the sentence aloud together making sure to point to eat word.
  2. Color the pictures then count. Read the sentence with the missing number word and have your child say the number word that is missing.  For an extension activity, you can have your child write the number word on the line.
  3. Practice coloring inside the lines and adding a variety of colors.
  4. Compare the animals to each other.  Which animal is bigger? Choose the smallest animal.  Does this group of animals have more in the group?  Which animal group has the least?
  5. Count the words in each sentence.
  6. Read books about farm animals.
  7. Talk about their favorite farm animal and why that animal is their favorite.
  8. Compare colors
  9. Focus on recognizing the high-frequency words /I/ and /see/.
  10. Practice recognizing number words.  This may be too much of a challenge for preschoolers but it never hurts to show them.

There is a book for that!

Pairing this activity with a book makes for the perfect learning experience. Here are some of my favorite books about farm animals.

Download your free Farm Life coloring book here!

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