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Fall Sensory Activities

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Fall is the perfect time of year for sensory activities. Not only can you teach kids about the seasons, but you can also introduce them to their five senses.  Fall is filled with so much color and smells. Not to mention the yummy foods. (Hello pumpkin spice!)  For the most part, sensory activities can be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

What are sensory activities?

Sensory activities are anything that involves the five senses.

  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Smell
  • Touch
  • Taste

Sensory activities can be super messy. If that’s not your jam you’ll want to pay attention to the mess meter. But they are really easy to put together and they are so much fun.

Why are sensory activities important?

Sensory activities have many benefits for infants. But they also benefit toddlers and young children. They provide kids with the chance to use their senses.  As well as helps an infants brain to grow and learn to talk. Additionally, sensory activities help develop motor skills. As well as encourages kids to explore and ask questions. Another benefit of these type of activities is that they can keep your little one busy while you sneak in housework or something a little more fun.

Sensory Bins & Tables

Sensory bins are simple little tubs like these. The beauty of the bins with a lid is after you put it together you can simply put the lid on it and put it away when your kiddo is finished playing. A sensory table is just a table where you set out the sensory items. Your kitchen table works just fine. 

Fall sensory bin from Life Over C’s.

Fall Activity Discovery Table-Little Bins for Little Hands

More sensory bin ideas…

Autumn Sensory Bin-The Chaos and the Clutter
Fall Sensory Bin-The Chaos and the Clutter
Easy Toddler Fall Sensory Bin-Powerful Mothering

Fall Farm Sensory Bin-Parenting Chaos
Apple Pie Sensory Bin-Sugar Spice and Glitter
Fall Sensory Bin-Views from a Step Stool
Early Fall Sensory Discovery Table-Natural Beach Living
Fall Scents & Textures Sensory Bin-Messes to Memories

Sensory Bottles

Sensory bottles are space savers so they are my go-to sensory play choice.

Glow in the Dark Sensory Bottle-Rhythms of Play

More sensory bottles…

Fall Sensory Bottles For Exploring Nature-Little Bins for Little Hands
Windy Fall Leaves Sensory Bottle-Rhythm of Play
Simple Fall Sensory Bottle-The Chaos and the Clutter

Slime and Dough

Pumpkin Slime-Sugar Spice and Glitter

Fall Slime-Little Bins for Little Hands
Pumpkin Play Dough-Mommy Evolution
Autumn Scented Salt Dough-Natural Beah Living
Fall Leaf Slime-Schooling a Monkey
Fluffy Apple Slime-Schooling a Monkey
Candy Corn Slime-Natural Beach Living
Fall Playdough-The Best Ideas for Kids

More Sensory Activites

Pumpkin Puffy Paint-The Chaos and the Clutter
Cranberry Sensory Play for Toddlers-Views from a Stepstool
Pumpkin Scented Sensory Rice-Parenting Chaos
Creepy Crawly Sensory-Messes to Memories
Pumpkin Patch Sensory Matching-Life Over C’s
Pumpkin Scented Moon Sand-Parenting Chaos


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