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Everyday Preschool Activities to Inspire the Love of Learning

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There is no one more enthusiastic about life than a preschool child. If you are the parent of one of these precious little ones, you are in a super fun stage of life. Helping children learn at this age is pure joy because they are very eager. Everything is new to them and their entire world is an adventure. Here are some activities that you can incorporate into daily life that will allow your preschooler to excel in their education.

every day preschool activities

Simple Everyday Preschool Activities to Inspire the Love of Learning

Writing Skills

All children are ready for school at a different age, and you want them to learn at their own pace, but some basic skills will help them when the time comes for them to print and write. Mazes are an excellent tool that helps them learn to make marks that are both curvy and straight. Encourage your child to draw a lot and show them how to trace large letters. This builds their fine-motor skills and will prepare them for writing their names and other words.

Math Skills

Some super simple math preschool activities are to use everyday situations. When you are at the grocery store, ask your little one to pick out six apples for you. You can also count out their snacks with they are at home. Instead of giving them a handful of bunny crackers count them one by one to five, then ten, and so on. Eventually, you can have them count out their snacks. Once they have mastered their basic numbers, you can make it more complicated.

Your child can use tiny pieces of food such as gummy bears for addition and subtraction. Ask them to separate the gummy bears into different colors. Talk about how many of each there are, and what the total number is. Ask them to subtract one pile from the rest. These kinds of activities help them to understand the concrete principles of math.


Every child thrives when exposed to music. Buy a few simple instruments for your child. Kids love tambourines, maracas, and a recorder. Encourage them to use the instruments and make a tune, or shake the instrument to the beat of a song you play. This will help as they pursue any musical ambitions in the future, and will also help them with coordination. Another fun activity is to play freeze dance with various types of music. And don’t underestimate the power of traditional nursery rhymes. They are perfect for learning beat and rhyme. They are also really easy to learn.


Your preschooler will be a baker like no other. Most children have a love for cooking and enjoy experimenting. Use this time to work in concepts such as math when you measure, art when you combine colors for frosting, and letter recognition when you make letter-shaped cookies and other goodies.

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Little ones love crafts, and there are many preschool activities for them to do to get those creative juices flowing. Preschoolers especially love using messy supplies such as glue, glitter, stickers, markers, and anything bright and catchy. Whether you are pasting shapes on construction paper or creating a unique ornament, your preschooler will be thrilled with any effort you put into the project. Keep it simple as it doesn’t take much to impress them.

Outdoor Activities

In a world where electronics dominate, it is essential to keep your preschooler active. This helps them with their gross motor skills, as well as bringing your child many health benefits. Your child’s physical, mental, and emotional health will all be positively impacted as they run and jump. Try activities such as hopscotch, bicycling, skipping rope, and playing at the park.

More Outdoor Preschool Activities

  • Let them run through the sprinklers
  • Play with sidewalk chalk
  • Fingerpaint
  • Write on the fence with chalk
  • Buy a water table

Now is the time to inspire the love of learning with fun everyday preschool activities.

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