Kid’s Emotions During Tough Times: Free Emotions Poster

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Check-in on how your kids are feeling with this free printable emotions poster.

Social distancing is taking its toll on our little ones. Continue below to find out ways you can check-in on their mental health and grab your free emotions poster.

At the time of this article, our world is in the midst of a pandemic. And up until now, I thought my daughter was handling the social distancing thing like a champ. That is until she woke up one morning and said she was sad. Wait, what? This is not my girl. My girl races out of bed each morning at the crack of dawn ready to take on the day. So when a girl who is full of energy and playfulness first thing in the morning tells me she is sad, I need to pay attention.

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emotions poster dealing with emotions during a crisis

What does sadness look like in kids?

The tricky thing about sadness is that presents itself in different ways in each child. If you have five children who are sad one might cry. This is what you might expect from sadness. But, another child might be aggressive. While another kiddo is tired. Whining and boredom are also outward signs of sadness.

Here is what you can do when kids feel sad:

It’s important to know that sadness will usually go away on its own. If it lasts for a prolonged period of time you might want to chat with a professional. Here are some things you can do to help them get over the hump.

  • Let them know it is OKAY to feel what they feel.
  • Use an emotions poster (like the one linked in this article) to help them name their feelings.
  • Make a list of things they can do right now for someone else. Helping others is almost always the best way to boost your spirits.
  • Make a wish jar of things they are looking forward to when they are able.
  • Sing together.
  • Pray together.
  • Do nothing, together.
free printable emotions poster

Books can help!

One way I have learned to teach kids just about everything is through a book. Here are some of my favorite books that help kids identify and deal with emotions.

free printable emotions poster

I am working on a few different versions of this poster so please check back because I will link them here.

Hearts Emotions Poster- 8.5X11
Hearts Emotions Poster-11X14

I’d love to hear ways you helped your kiddo get through a sad day. Please comment below.

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