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DIY Advent Calendar for Christmas

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The countdown to Christmas has begun.  This is the year that my daughter is all about Christmas. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and she is asking me every day “Is it Christmas yet?”.  I love her excitement!  I wanted to find a super fun and easy way for her to help with the Christmas countdown. This DIY advent calendar is perfect!  Not only can she help make it, but she also get a mini present each day. Kids absolutely love counting down with the advent calendar. 


12 toilet paper rolls, cut in half (You can also purchase cardboard craft tubes on Amazon.) 

Utility knife

Scissors and/or guillotine paper cutter

6 sheets white cardstock, cut to 6 inches by 2 ⅛ inches, OR white spray paint

2 uncut sheets white cardstock OR white spray paint

1 sheet cardboard, poster board, or foam core, approximately 16 inches by 20 inches

Glue gun

4 to 6 sheets holiday gift tissue, cut to approximately 4 inch squares

24 small items, like toys, candy, stickers, etc.

White circle labels 

Pen or marker



1. Cut each toilet paper tube in half. If you need to use paper towel tubes, cut them in 2 inch lengths.

2. Either cut white cardstock into 6 inch by 2 ⅛ inch strips and use hot glue to cover the cardboard tubes OR spray paint the tubes.

3. Prepare an extra-thick sheet of cardboard, poster board, or foam core by cutting to approximately 16 inches by 20 inches. Cover with white card stock using hot glue OR white spray paint. Allow to dry completely.

4. Carefully apply hot glue to one end of each covered tube and press against the large board. (Tip: Use a ruler to evenly line and space your tubes without marking the board.) Repeat until all 24 tubes are attached.

5. When glue is dry, fill each tube with a small surprise.

6. Cut holiday gift tissue into squares, approximately 4 inches by 4 inches.

7. One at a time, run hot glue around the opening of each tube and cover with a square of gift tissue, sealing the tube.

8. Write numbers 1 through 24 on the circle labels. Attach one label in the center of the gift tissue covering so each tube is numbered 1 through 24.

9. Each day between December 1 and December 24, allow children to break open the tube and discover the surprise inside as they count down to Christmas.

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