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Count and Clip Numbers Game for Preschoolers

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Count and clip is a super popular numbers game for preschoolers.  This game helps kids learn to and recognize numbers.  This is also known as number recognition.  Number recognition and one-to-one counting are important activities for young learners. These two skills set the foundation for understanding math.  There are lots of ways to help your child learn to count and recognize numbers. Many parents turn to flashcards and number worksheets to help teach these skills. Number recognition games are particularly important because they allow kids to explore numbers, practice, and make mistakes while they are having fun.Apple-Count-and-Clip-Game-Behind-the-Mom-Bun-2

What is number recognition?

Number recognition is simply the ability to identify and name numbers.

“Number recognition can actually be broken down into separate skills – matching, identifying, and naming. When matching, a child can find the matching numeral when shown an example. This is the first step in number recognition. The child perceives the differences between the numerals.

Identifying is the next step. Identifying focuses on the ability to point out a numeral when named.

The next step is naming. In this step, the child can name the numeral when asked.” (Learning is Fun)


Printing and Play Suggestions

You can print and laminate the card as a whole or print and cut each card.    I suggest laminating the cards so that you can use them over and over again.

For new learners, I like to go over each number with them before they start.  Remember they are still learning to recognize these numbers. Next, you will want to teach kids to count one by one.  If needed you can bring in counting chips or other manipulatives to help reinforce this concept.

Finally, have them choose the number the corresponds with the picture.  They can do this by:

  • Placing a clothespin on the number (great for building strength in their fingers which will aid in writing)
  • Putting a counting chip over the number
  • Using a crayon, marker, or dot paint to indicate their choice (non-laminated boards)


Download the free numbers game here


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