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Coloring the Planets Pack for Preschoolers

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Do you have a little budding space explorer?  Coloring the planets is a fun way for them to learn about our solar system. 

These space coloring sheets are perfectly designed for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and first-grade kiddos. 

 Pair these coloring pages with some awesome books about space or a craft to bring the learning to life.

color the planets preschool pack


Coloring the Planets in Order

This set includes six coloring space-themed coloring sheets.

At the last minute, I added an additional coloring sheet with the planets in order from the sun. 

Here is a fun little phrase to help you remember the planets in order: My Very Enthusiastic Mother Just Served Us Noodles. 

You can turn this activity into a fun learning experience by talking about the different planets and their order. 

As your little one colors the stars, have them count each one. 

Ask them questions like, “How many planets are there?”  “How many stars did you count?” 

You might even pull up a picture of the real planet and compare.

A simple activity like coloring the planets can be turned into an educational experience with just a few well-timed questions.

space coloring pages

Planets in Order from the Sun











Click here to download your free coloring the planets set!


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