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Color Matching Games: Bees and Honeycombs

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Color matching games are all the rage in my house right now. Seeing my daughter’s face light up when she makes a match is priceless.

There are considerable benefits to playing matching games, also called memory games.

You can check out the benefits of playing matching games here. Today’s matching game for preschool is brought to you by bees and honeycombs.

coloring matching games

These little bees are so handy in more ways than one. This set includes variations of the cards so that you can work on several skills with one set.

Check out the many different ways to use free printable memory games.

These are in order from less challenging to the most challenging.

All Cards Face Up-Pictures (Matching Game)

In this version, you will take the bees and honeycombs (without words) and place them face up.

As your little one touches a card, say the color aloud. If they are able, have them repeat the color (even if it doesn’t make sense). Help them locate their match.

Alternatives: Print two sets of the bees and/or two sets of the honeycombs and match bees or honeycombs.

All Cards Face-Up-Pictures with Words & Colored Text Cards

In this version place cards face-up (bees or honeycombs) and the colored word cards.

Kids will match the colored picture with its word.  Having the words colored will help them make the connection.

All Cards Face-Up: Pictures & Black Text Cards

All Cards Face Down (Memory Game)

Same as above but instead turn the cards face down.

The memory game is a bit more challenging as kiddos have to remember the cards they chose. You can make up your own rules for this game, but I would discuss them before you play.

This game is also great for teaching kids to take turns and for teaching kids patience. You can start with a few colors and gradually add the rest as they become more familiar with the game.

More Learning Opportunities with Free Matching Games

Not only are color matching games perfect for teaching colors, but there are also several other learning opportunities you can take while playing these games.

  1. Count and Name the letters in the color words
  2. Practice beginning sounds
  3. Count the cards (How many bees do you see?)

3 Tips for Materials and Printing

  1. I recommend printing these cards on cardstock. The thicker paper makes the cards easier to handle and also hides the color on the other side.
  2.  Consider laminating them.
    If you want your memory games to last longer, then I suggest laminating them. Here is a quality yet affordable laminator that works well for small jobs like these. It’s an investment if you plan to print lots of sets.
  3. Store them in a plastic bag or a pencil pouch. Anything that is easy for little hands to open is perfect. Once you have played several rounds with them, matching games then become great independent activities. Hello, uninterrupted shower!

matching games pencil pouch-behind the mom bun

Download the Bees & Honeycombs color matching games here.

Learn more about bees with these awesome books.

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