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Circle Tracing Worksheets for Kids

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Is your kiddo ready to learn to draw their shapes? Then these free circle tracing worksheets are just the ticket!

Circles are some of the easiest shapes to draw and usually one of the first shapes new writers master.

circle tracing worksheet

Kids will learn to improve their writing skills, build their finger muscles, and develop pencil control with these circle tracing worksheets.

This makes them not only fun but educational and hands-on as well.

There are two worksheets included in this free printable pack.

One page is in color to make it more engaging, and the other is in black and white to make printing easy.

This will save your ink and gives kids an opportunity to practice more pencil control while they color the page.

Materials Need:

circle tracing worksheets

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What is so great about these worksheets is that there is little to no prep. You can easily print these sheets and give them to your child.

You could also make it a whole learning experience.

Grab some books about shapes or play a game of i-Spy the Circle as you walk around your neighborhood.

If you want to protect your sheet and be able to use it over and over you could slip it into a sheet protector or laminate it.

After your kiddo has had enough practice give them a blank page and see what they can do!

Encourage them to create a picture using circles (and other shapes they may know).

circle tracing worksheets

Have fun tracing circles and be on the lookout for more shapes coming soon!

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