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Christmas Word Search-Free Printable

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Everyone loves a good Christmas word search. It is a great seasonal activity for kids and adults. At first thought, word searches may look like simple tasks or busywork. But, they do have many educational benefits.

They can help reinforce word recognition and spelling. Word searches can also be used to introduce new vocabulary words.

free printable Christmas word search

Christmas Word Search Word List

Find these words in the Christmas word search and discuss how people celebrate Christmas as well as popular symbols.

  • Christmas
  • green
  • red
  • bells
  • list
  • reindeer
  • Santa
  • jolly
  • music
  • presents
  • boots
  • cards
  • December
  • chilly
  • ornaments
  • frosty
  • decorations
  • elf
  • snowman
  • happy

Strategies for Completing a Word Search

There are several ways to go about finishing a word search.

First, explain to kids that they might find the words going across, up and down, diagonally, or even backward.

Then, show them how to search for the first letter of each word starting from left to right. Another strategy is to look for less common letters like Q, Z, and X. The last strategy is to look for words with double letters and then look for double letters in the puzzle.

If you are using this word search to introduce new vocabulary start by going through the list of words. Talk about each word, asking your child what they mean. Clarify any misunderstanding in the meaning of each word.

Download your free Christmas word search here!

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