Busy Mom Laundry Hacks to Simplify Your Life

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Laundry is never-ending. As soon as you get caught up, someone comes and tosses in dirty clothes in the bin. I have some busy mom laundry hacks to simplify laundry day in your home. I don’t mind washing and drying clothes; it is the putting it up portion I could live as! Hopefully, you will find the laundry hacks below a considerable help next time you start a load of your beloved laundry! 


10 Must Try Laundry Hacks to Simplify Your Life 

Wash More Often 

Instead of washing laundry just once a week as some homes do, consider spreading it out. Maybe on Saturday you wash bedding, Tuesdays are for clothes, and then Fridays are towels. Find a system that works for you. I like to try and do one load of laundry a day, that way I never get suffocated by the amount that is there. 

Label Hampers 

If you have younger children who can’t read, but you want to teach them which bin towels or clothes go in, use this fun label system. Print out an image of a shirt, or towel and tape it to the laundry basket or bin and teach them to look at the picture. They will begin to learn socks go in one, towels in another, etc. 

Sock Washing Tip 

Buy a sealable mesh bag and place all your socks inside. Then when you go and wash them, they will never get lost in the washer. It never fails in our home we lose socks on the daily, so try to limit the loss with your mesh bag. It will clean them just as good in the bag, and keep them from getting lost. 

Clothes Right Side Out 

When the clothes are right side out, to begin with, it will help you in getting your laundry folded and sorted a lot quicker. As I pull items out of the dryer I make sure they are ride side out. Then as I go, I fold and sort, and it goes SO much faster. As opposed to fixing the clothes as I go. 

Lay Clothes Flat For Hanging 

When I have items I will hang I lay them flat in a pile, so all I have to do is grab my hangers at the end, and begin putting the hangers in the arms. It goes really fast, and then you grab your pile and head to the room to hang. I find doing this overhanging each item as I go cuts down the time. 

Work Station 

By the washer and dryer, I have a little bowl where I will toss in loose change I find that ends up in the machine, a trash can for lint and old dryer sheets, and it helps. I don’t have to go to another room to throw away trash, and it is right there in front of me. 

Drying Station 

If you have clothes that need to air dry but don’t have a ton of space try this fun hack. Take folding drying racks and sit on the counter or even the top of the washer or dryer. Then you can hang your clothes off the drying rack, it saves space and gets the clothes dry. 

Drying Time 

If you want to speed up the drying time, toss in a towel that is sufficiently dry to a wet load. The dry towel will help speed up the drying time by quite a bit. Another great one is investing in wool balls; you can buy them online or in stores. Just toss in with each load. You can even add a drop of your favorite essential oil to add scent. 

Pool Noodle Tip

If you don’t like getting a crease where you hang dry your clothes on the drying racks, cut a pool noodle in half. Then place the noodle over the line and then drape your clothes over the pool noodle. It will prevent a crease/line from the string. 

Teaching Young Child To Help Laundry

The best laundry is the laundry that does itself. Since that isn’t really a thing we have to find their means to lighten the load.  Getting your kiddos in involved If you are teaching your young children to put up laundry consider adding a picture to their drawers. This will help them to learn what items go in which doors. Maybe a picture of a sock and undergarments for one drawer, shirts in another. They look at the picture and can begin learning to put clothes away on their own and help you free up some time. 

What laundry hacks do you use? Let us know in the comments. 

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