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Free St. Patrick’s Day Bingo with Numbers

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Bingo with numbers is a super fun way to learn to recognize numbers. Grab your free St. Patrick’s day number bingo here.

I posted a set of St. Patrick’s Day bingo cards and they were a hit. I thought about other ways to incorporate this fun holiday with some learning games for kids and came up with bingo with numbers. Kids will have fun playing this free bingo game. But, it will also help your kindergartener learn to recognize and write their numbers up to 30!

bingo with numbers game for St. Patrick's day

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Number Recognition

Number recognition is simply being able to read numbers. A common kindergarten standard* is to be able to read, write, and represent numbers from 0-20. This bingo with numbers set includes two ways for kiddos to master this skill. With the first set, kids will practice recognizing numbers. In the second set, kids can practice writing the numbers that are called instead of covering the space with a chip.

How to Play Bingo with Numbers

  • Print the needed amount of Bingo cards (cardstock recommended)
  • Laminate (optional but strongly encouraged)
  • Print one to two sets of the number cards. This will depend on the number of kids playing.  I like to print several sets so there is a great chance of finding a number on the bingo card.
  • Turn the number cards face down. Players will take turns drawing a card, searching for the number on their bingo board, and covering it with a chip.   I like these counting chips from Amazon because they are transparent and you can use them in lots of ways. You could also make it extra yummy and use chocolate or candy corn. If you are playing the writing version then you will want to laminate or slip it into a sheet protector. Give them a dry erase marker to practice tracing the number.
  • The first player to get a line across, up/down, or diagonal wins the bingo game
  • Trade bingo boards and repeat!

More Ways to Play St. Patrick’s Day Bingo!

I included two sets of Valentine bingo cards. The first set has solid numbers to help kids recognize and read the numbers up to 30. The second set of bingo cards are made with a dotted number font so that kiddos can trace their number instead of covering it. This allows them to practice writing their numbers as well.

When kids read, verbalize, and write something they are more apt to remember it. You can have your little players write directly on the bingo card and then throw it out when they are finished but a better way is to use a sheet protector and dry erase markers. That way you can reuse the cards over and over again.

Number Bingo for St. Patrick's Day

I absolutely love making these cards. If there is something specific you want to see on the blog please drop me a line and let me know.

A final word:

I love making printables and I especially love that I can give them away for free. If you love this set please tell your friends by sending them a link to this post. Your download is for a single personal, classroom, or homeschool use only.

Download your bingo game here.

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