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Bingo Games for Kids: Rainbow Unicorn

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My girl started pre-school this year and I am oh so excited to dive into learning this year. Her teachers handed me a handy piece of paper of their learning goals for the year and I quickly got to work on some fun ways to accomplish this goal.  I started with objectives that she was least familiar with and that is how these free bingo games for kids came to be.


free bingo games for kids rainbow unicorns

The game boards are designed for young learners with just three rows and three columns.  The cards are larger so their little hands can pick them up easily. There are 10 different game boards so the fun can just keep going.

free bingo games for kids rainbow unicorns

Blackline masters are included so you can use the bingo games for kids at home or in the classroom.

Instruction for Play

  • Print the needed amount of Bingo cards
  • Print one to two sets of the number cards. This will depend on the number of kids playing.  I like to print two sets just to give more chances to interact with the numbers.
  • Turn the number cards face down. Players will take turns drawing a card, searching for their number on their Bingo board, and covering it with a chip.   I like these counting chips from Amazon because they are transparent and you can use them in lots of ways.
  • The first player to get three across, up/down, or diagonal wins!
  • Repeat with a new Bingo board


Download the Rainbow Bingo Games here.




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