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Beginning Reader Books

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Grab these free beginning reader books which are perfect for kiddos who are starting to learn their sight words.

Is your kiddo starting to learn their sight words and now you are looking for some beginning reader books for them to practice with? Well, you have come to the right place. I think I may have just found my new obsession. Making these printable books has been so much fun and they really come in handy. Especially when I cannot find enough books with the sight words that we are working on.

beginning reader books

What are Beginning Reader Books

A beginning reader book usually has a single line of text and a picture on each page. Sometimes there may be a picture on one side and the line of text on the other. The text is made up of sight words plus a word that corresponds to the image on the page. Beginning reader books are repetitive and predictable.

How to Use Beginning Reader Books

Start by reviewing the sight words you are targeting with the book.

Then preview the book by looking at the pictures and asking questions.

Review the vocabulary words in the book. Vocabulary words are words that a new reader would not be expected to know, but they will be able to look at the picture in order to figure it out.

You can make a prediction and discuss what they know about the topic of the book

Once you have preread the book it’s time to let them practice. As they read watch their eyes and where they are focuses. Look to see if they are looking at the image to help them figure out the unknown or vocabulary word. Have them point to each word as the read. They will not need to continue to point after they grasp the concept of words in a sentence.

When the story is over you can have them retell the story in their own words and/or draw a picture.

Other activities you can do with beginning reader books:

  • Practice holding the book correctly
  • Practice reading from left to right
  • Look at page numbers
  • Discuss the front and back covers
  • Count the words
  • Look at the punctuation marks

Free Beginning Reading Books!

I will be adding to this list of free books to read with your emergent reader. Check back soon.

Sight word focus: I, see, a

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