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4 Legit Online Jobs for Homeschool Moms

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As a mom, the choice to homeschool is one that takes a lot of time, preparation and persistence.  If you are leaving the workforce you make be asking yourself, “Are there legit online jobs that I can do and still homeschool my kids?”.

Educating your children every day isn’t just a few hours a day “job”. You are responsible for preparing their weekly content, not to mention the majority of the day-to-day activities. While homeschooling can be combined with online resources to be able to have varied content in your lesson plans, there is still a lot of planning that needs to be done to ensure that your homeschool student is also active and learning in the community that you live in as well.

To say that you have “free time” on your hands as a homeschool mom aren’t two words that honestly go together in a sentence, right? But what if you are a homeschool mom who also needs to try to find ways to earn income while being at home? Is it possible for such an option to even exist? Truthfully, it’s possible and it’s actually not near as difficult as you may think!

Become a Freelancer/Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant I believe the term for a freelancer that is widely used now is a virtual assistant.  Tomato, tamato.. they mean the same thing.  Trust me on this…freelancing is one of those words that encompasses a TON of different options. And the best part of freelancing? People seem always to be looking for freelancers to help with those short-term projects that they don’t have to hire someone full-time for. Think about what you feel are some of your strong skills and build from there. Do you have writing skills? Why not offer those skills as a ghostwriter to local businesses to help them with their blog? Or maybe your skill-set lies in social media marketing?

The best part of being a freelancer is that you are doing work for businesses to earn income, and most times, that work can be done around your schedule! Sounds perfect, right? Honestly, it just may be. Depending on the amount of income you are looking to earn, freelancing can be as part-time or as full-time as you want it to be. Make a list of what you consider your strengths and start building a list of companies and people to network and make connections. You may be pleasantly surprised by the responses in return!

Sell Your Craft

sell your craft

You can sell your creations through an Etsy store. Channel your inner creativity and think of items that you can create and then sell online. Can you knit, sew, design, or draw? If so, then you have a talent that other’s are willing to pay for! Starting a store with Etsy is super simple, and free. Once you have a store set up, you can then create items and start selling them almost immediately. The awesome part about being able to sell items online? You can earn money while you sleep.

Your online store will never close and is open 365 days per year so people from all over the world can view your items meaning you have the potential to make money at any point in time during any day. If you love to create, and already do it as a hobby currently, why not turn it into a way to earn income while you are at home?

Sell Your Homeschool Curriculum Online

Did you know that there are a TON of different websites out there where you can sell your homemade and unique homeschool curriculum to other homeschooling mom’s? Not only is it a way to earn some extra money from home, but it can be quite lucrative. You can sell printables, lesson plans or anything else that you’ve created that you feel may be an asset to other homeschoolers out there, and start earning that money easy as that. Do your research to find that sites that work best for you and then create an account to get started!

Some Suggestions are:
Teachers Pay Teachers
Your very own Facebook page

Teach Part-time Online


This one is a no-brainer! You are already working with your kiddos at home so even though you may not be a certified teacher there are many companies out there, so hop on the all-knowing Google and see what you can find. You can learn more about the company I work for here.

It is possible to be a homeschool mom and also earn money from home. It may take a little more of balancing your time in the beginning, but after a while, you may find that you have a simple system in place that works well for you and your schedule. If you can create a product or service that you can automate, or fit to work around your schedule, why not give it a go? That extra income is always nice, and it still allows you to spend the majority of your time focusing on homeschooling!

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