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20 Ridiculously Easy Pumpkin Crafts for Fall

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This amazing series of pumpkin crafts for fall is all about easy, recycling, and using what you have to make something spectacular with it! The moms below are using things like tin cans from her recycling bin, shredded scrap paper, and old broken fencing to create really fantastic fall crafts with it! If your home isn’t fall-ready because you don’t have the extra funds lying around to buy all of those pretty things you see in the store, that’s okay! You can decorate your entire house with items you have lying around, in the back of your closet, or stuffed in your garage! Check out all of the great pumpkin crafts (below) to see what I mean!

Photo Credit: “Scrappy Pumpkins by Mom on Timeout

See what I mean? Mom on a Timeout made pretty pumpkins from scrap paper, toilet paper rolls, and inexpensive party ribbon! Who would have thought to do that otherwise? Not me! I’m certainly not that crafty. Maybe if someone put me in a mommy timeout I might come up with something like this too (ha!) Seriously though, they are adorable and I’m already thinking about all of the ways I can use this same technique to make some Christmasy crafts too! Are you thinking about ornaments like I am?… Before you jump down to the next project, read how to make Scrappy Pumpkins HERE.

Photo Credit: “Tin Can Pumpkins” by Suburbia Unwrapped

Tin cans are awesome! My husband thinks I’m crazy because it breaks my heart to throw them into the recycling bin after washing them out. I’m like, “I see a herb garden for the kitchen window, a scarecrow, pumpkins, art organizers! Come on honey! Share my vision!” But no, if I want to make something like this, I have to be sneaky and hide the tin cans out of sight for a few days. Suburbia Unwrapped has the right idea though! She’s with me! Hop over to grab this simple pumpkin craft tutorial HERE.

Photo Credit: “DIY Rustic Fence Board Pumpkins” by Marty’s Musings

If you ever see old fencing or pallet wood listed for free in your area, send someone to grab it for you! There are so many creative projects you can make with weathered wood and old pallets. Marty’s Musings made a couple of cute pumpkins her entryway with fallen fencing from her backyard. Visit her blog to find out how she did it and where she found her fall-font lettering HERE.

20 Fall Pumpkin Crafts

Are you looking for MORE great pumpkin ideas? Click on the links to check out 20 Pumpkin crafts below! Don’t forget to let my friends know you found them at Behind the Mom Bun!

  1. DIY Pumpkin Party Favor by Love The Day
  2. How to Make Sparkly Salt Crystal Pumpkins by Schooling A Monkey
  3. Make Mod Podged Book Page Pumpkins by Creative Green Living
  4. DIY No-Sew Fabris Pumpkins by Down Redbud Drive
  5. Pumpkin Buttons by Doodle Craft
  6. Easy Terra Cotta Pumpkin Craft by Turning The Clock Back
  7. Paper Pumpkin Craft by Ann’s Entitled Life
  8. DIY Rustic Fence Board Pumpkins by Marty’s Musings
  9. No Sew Fabric Pumpkins by Pink Fortitude
  10. Burlap Pumpkin Wreath by Crafts By Amanda
  11. Paper Pumpkin Banner by Chicken Scratch NY
  12. Cinnamon Scented Pumpkins by Mom Does Reviews
  13. Decoupaged Lace Foam Pumpkins by Atta Girl Says
  14. Happy Pumpkin Spice Season by Happiness Is Homemade
  15. Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin by Julie Measures
  16. Tin Can Pumpkins by Suburbia Unwrapped
  17. Scrappy Pumpkins by Mom on Timeout
  18. DIY Painted Pumpkins by Splendry
  19. Pumpkin Paintings with DIY Apple Stamps by Lindsey Blogs
  20. Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeovers by Happy Deal Happy Day


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