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20 Brilliant Stuffed Animal Storage Solutions

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One thing I did not expect to happen once I became the mom of a toddler was the mass of stuffed animals that would enter my house and how much I would hate it. Here is the thing…I can’t let go. That’s right! Every time I try to sort through my girl’s stuffed animals and try to make a decision on which ones to keep and which ones to let go I end up throwing my hands in the air and walking away. Each one of these fluffy treasures holds a memory that makes it impossible to toss the toy out. If I can’t get rid of them I have to find a way to store them. In my search, I found a lot of creative stuffed animal storage options and I have put them together for you below.

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Creative Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas Shipped to Your Door

Cute, decorative, and functional. What I love the most about this stuffed animal storage bag is that it has a dual function. Not only, does it hold all those precious stuffies, but it also acts as a bean bag chair.

Choose your color here.

This collapsible storage box is perfect for the toddler who is on the move. It is lightweight and portable so it can be moved from room to room. It also has a divider which will help teach your kiddos organizational skills.

Grab it here.

Jumbo hammocks make the perfect stuffed animal storage. They hang nicely in corners and off the floor. These are even large enough to hold even the fluffiest of stuffed animals.

Click here to buy now.

Looks can be deceiving and that is certainly true with this mesh hanging stuffed animal storage solution. I have this hanging in my daughter’s playroom right now! Let me tell you this little gem holds a ton of stuffed animals. I also love it because it hangs nicely in the corner and my daughter can put away her stuffed animals with little to no help.

Click here for the mesh hanging storage basket.

The bean bag lounger takes the bean bag and supersizes it. This comes in a variety of colors. Your kids will love the stuffed animal hideaway.

Choose yours here.

More stuffed animals storage ideas that can be shipped right to your door!

This is actually a door hanging shoe organizer, but it is one of the most versatile products out there. I have several of these hanging in my house and only one of them is holding shoes. This is perfect for those pint-sized toys and for keeping really special ones out of your kiddos reach.

Grab it here.

This extra-large cotton rope basket is stylish and functional. I have one in my living room where I need to keep toys but also want it to look like a living room and not a playroom.

Grab yours here.

Cube storage is great for storing those stuffed animals. They can stay on display but kids can easily put them back on the shelf.

See different cube storage options here.

How fun is this toy chain from Amazon? It can hold quite a bit of toys and easily fits in the corner.

Grab it here.

This supersized storage is perfect for tiny hands. The bins are large enough to fit almost any stuffed animal.

Check out the supersized toy storage here.

DIY Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

Are you feeling kinda crafty? Why not try out one of these DIY stuffed animal storage ideas?? If your kiddos are old enough they can take part in the process.

Our friend over at My Designs in the Chaos has an awesome step-by-step tutorial on how to make this adorable stuffed animal storage zoo.

You can check out her tutorial here.

Another twist on the adorable stuffed animal storage zoo is to make it fit in the corner. Still cute while saving space.

Check out the tutorial from Down Redbud Drive

I love these little wooden crates. They are perfect for all sorts of projects including holding those precious stuffed animals. Nifty Thrifty DIYER has a great tutorial and I promise you it could not be easier.

This is a clever, low cost stuffed animal storage solution from Bowdenisms. You can check out the full tutorial here.

Adventures of DIY Mom teaches you how to make this adorable toy box perfect for all those fluffy animals.

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More DIY Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

Wall Planters: I would have never thought to use wall planters to hold stuffed animals but what a genius idea. Simply hang them in your child’s room for the perfect space-saving option.

Toy Corral: Another fantastic idea is this super simple toy corral that can be placed right at the end of your child’s bed. It is functional, yet super stylish. This toy corral allows your littles to keep their animals close while also keeping them off the floor. I call that a win-win.

Pillowcase Stuffed Animal Storage: Well this was unexpected! A simple pillowcase and embroidery hoops create an awesome DIY stuffed animal storage solution. Who knew? Houseologie apparently! Check out their full tutorial here.

Wall Mounted Buckets: Itsy Bits and Pieces has a great tutorial on how to create some super adorable storage using wall-mounted buckets.

Stuffed Animal Swing: This stuffed animal swing from It’s Always Autumn is perfect for the sorta crafty mama. All the materials can be found at Hobby Lobby. Check out the full tutorial here.

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