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16 Delicious Keto Snacks

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I have recently decided to try the keto way of eating.  I am not a big snacker but sometimes I just want something to munch on. However, all Mamas know how kids love snacking, so it was important to find something that my daughter could snack on as well.  I found the best way to be successful with keto way of eating is to just not have the “bad stuff” in the house.  Below are 16 of the most delicious keto snacks that are sure to satisfy your cravings without interfering with your new keto lifestyle.

Photo Credit: “Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs” by Diabetes Strong

If this recipe from Diabetes Strong doesn’t excite you, I’m not sure you should read on at all! Seriously, there isn’t anything better than this when you’re craving something sweet but are determined not to kick yourself out of ketosis. Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs are a BOMB of five sources of healthy fat, and only have 4 grams of net carbs per serving! And to think you once thought your Keto diet would be a sacrifice? Satisfy your sweet tooth HERE.

Photo Credit: “Low Carb Crackers With Almond Flour” by Savory Tooth

Craving the crunch? Don’t worry, I am not taking you down the dark and dreary path of carbohydrates. Savory Tooth won’t disappoint if you are craving something crunchy but have had all the dehydrated veggie chips you can stand! These amazing crackers will even be strong enough to handle your favorite dips too! Hello Hummus! Hi, melted cheesy dips! Howdy salsa! If you gave up dips because you refuse to eat them without crunchy chips or crackers, STOP! Let these Low Carb Crackers with Almond Flour come to your rescue! Grab the recipe HERE.

Photo Credit: “Delicious Strawberry Mint Infused Water” by Creative Green Living

Are you afraid to satisfy your sweet cravings? Scared that once you go sweet you won’t be able to stop yourself? Fat bomb for breakfast, two for a snack, two more with lunch, hello dinner… “fat bombs anyone?” I know, I’m right there with you. The next time you are craving something sweet but think the fat bombs are just too much for you to handle right now, try this Delicious Strawberry Mint Infused Water instead. Not only will it help you satisfy those sweet cravings, but I don’t know that there is anything more refreshing. Hurry over to Creative Green Living to learn about the benefits of infused (detox) water HERE.

16 Delicious Keto Snacks

There’s more! Check out the sixteen delicious Keto snack recipes below! Click on the links to grab the amazing Keto recipes! Don’t forget to let my friends know you found them at  Behind the Mom Bun!

  1. Bacon Wrapped Pickles by Dancing Through The Rain
  2. Keto Peanut Butter Fat Bomb by A Sparkle Of Genius
  3. Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs by Diabetes Strong
  4. 6-Ingredient Veggie Egg Cups by Recipes From A Pantry
  5. Crispy Roasted Okra by Recipes From A Pantry
  6. Coconut Treats by Renana’s Kitchen
  7. Cheddar Bacon Biscuits by Pink Fortitude
  8. Low Carb Crackers With Almond Flour by Savory Tooth
  9. Cheesecake Keto Fat Bombs by Savory Tooth
  10. Keto Soft Pretzels by Peace Love and Low Carbs
  11. Caesar Salad Deviled Eggs by Peace Love and Low Carbs
  12. Cinnamon Cloud Bread by Creative Green Living
  13. Delicious Strawberry Mint Infused Water by Creative Green Living
  14. How To Make Kale Chips by Creative Green Living
  15. Easy Chocolate Fat Bombs With Coconut Oil by Wholesome Yum
  16. Baked Cheddar Parmesan Crisp by Wholesome Yum


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