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100 Low to No Cost Summer Activities for Kids

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100 Low to No Cost Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is fast approaching. Now is the time to start planning those summer activities for kids. 

For parents, it always seems to creep up on us. While kids are counting the days to freedom, we start brainstorming how on earth we are going to keep them busy all summer without breaking the bank. Summer was seemingly easier 30 years ago. I was part of a generation that could leave the house in the morning on a bike and not return until the street lights came on in the evening.  For most of us, that is not the world we live in today. I think about how I spent my summers and some of the very simple, inexpensive activities I would do with my siblings and friends.  Here are my top three picks for simple summer fun.



1. Play in the Sprinklers

sprinkler fun

While the water hose might be all you need for some cool summer fun, sometimes, it is more fun when you add a little extra crazy to it. Try the Banzai Caterpillar Backyard Critter Sprinkler for those hot summer days in the backyard.

2. Play Cards

One of my favorite childhood memories is playing Rummy with my Mom. She sat on the couch and I on the floor watching Days of Our Lives while I tried my best to beat her. I never could.  She was the Rummy masters. Cards are a great bonding experience but they are also educational. Take Rummy, for example, you can help teach your kiddo sequencing, grouping, and strategizing.  

3. Flea Market

Another favorite childhood memory was visiting the flea market. Even as a child I loved strolling the aisles looking for all unique items.  It was hot..yes..but it was free and something I looked forward to in the summer.  Check out this link for a flea market near you 



Print your list of 100 no to low-cost Summer Activities for kids





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