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10 Simple Gadgets for Easy Kitchen Organization

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Do you love to organize?  Not me! I am terrible at it. I am always looking for ways to organize areas of my home, especially the kitchen. Keeping the kitchen organized is a big job. But it’s well worth the time and effort it takes to tackle the task.  A well-organized kitchen can make it easier to cook dinner each evening, as well as help to keep the room clean day after day. These fun products make kitchen organization easy!

Bakeware Organizer

With this amazing adjustable bakeware organizer, you’ll never have to dig for the right pot and matching lid again. This easy-to-install cabinet fixture will help you keep your pans, platters, cutting boards, and lids more organized and within easy reach in your cabinets. The non-slip feet will hold the rack in place, in addition to ensuring that larger pans and lids stay centered in the base.

Under the Sink Storage

Double the storage space under your kitchen sink with an expandable shelf organizer. With two levels, this handy cabinet organizer will add an additional shelf under the sink, one on each side of the sink’s pipes. The adjustable height setting ensures you can store a variety of items under the sink, from tall bottles of cleaner to small sponges.

Silverware Organizer

Keep all your silverware or kitchen utensils organized inside their drawer with an in-drawer utensil organizer. With individual dividers that adjust to hold a variety of utensils of all shapes and sizes and expandable sides to fit several kitchen drawers, you can’t go wrong with this fantastic organizer.

Mail Organizer

Sometimes, your kitchen counters become a dumping ground for mail and other important papers. Keep everything organized, so you never miss a bill payment with a countertop mail organizer.

Dish Towel Rack

Keep your dish towels off the counter and out of sight with a set of dish towel bars. Just slide the bars over the top of your cabinet doors. Then hang your towels inside to keep your counters clear throughout the day.


Plastic Bag Organizer

It can be challenging to keep all the boxes of plastic bags, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap organized in your kitchen cabinets.  This handy organizer makes organizing them easier. Not only will this adjustable plastic bag stand keep all those boxes organized, but it will also reduce clutter in your cabinet and make more room for other things.

Junk Drawer Organizer

Maximize the space inside your junk drawer by installing this awesome junk drawer organizer. With a variety of sections varying in size, you can keep so many things organized inside this drawer insert. It even has a sliding tray on top to expand the storage space inside your junk drawer.

Countertop Organization

Sometimes, you have to keep food on your counters, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be disorganized. This stylish two-tiered basket will hold everything from bread to fresh fruit, keeping your counters clear for cooking.

Utensil Organizer

Placing a set of often-used utensils on the counter will make cooking a little easier and free up some space in your kitchen drawers. Keep your kitchen utensils organized but still within easy reach with a cute utensil jar.

Fridge Organization

When organizing your kitchen, you can’t forget about the refrigerator. Keep all of your food and drinks organized and separated by a set of clear refrigerator bins in a variety of sizes.


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