10 Essential Books For Homeschooling Moms

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Before we get to the 10 essential books for homeschooling Moms let’s chat about the benefits and challenges of homeschooling. While there are a lot of pros to homeschooling, there are also a lot of challenges. The best way to make sure you are successful at homeschooling is to do your research.

Why Homeschool?

Being a homeschool mom is an amazing gift. You get to spend a ton of amazing time with your children and help them to learn and grow as well. Being able to be an active part of their education and preparing them for their future is truly a wonderful experience.

Homeschooling opens so many doors and great opportunities. You are in full control of what your child is learning. You’re able to educate them in a way that meets their learning style. You can travel during non-peak times which saves a ton of money.  Honestly, I could go on, but homeschooling is not without its challenges.

Challenges for new homeschooling Moms

Learning to homeschool and making that transition into the homeschool community takes a lot of patience, research, and planning. While educating your child is important, it’s just as important to make certain that you are fully trained about everything involved with homeschooling. So often as an educator I saw students re-enter public school for whatever reason, not ready for their grade level. It is easy to get overwhelmed and throw in the homeschooling You may feel as though you aren’t entirely prepared to homeschool and still have questions to ask and get answered to feel completely comfortable before taking the plunge into the homeschool world. It’s totally normal.


If you are looking for a few great resources for your homeschool adventure, here are some books that you should consider reading!

10 Essential Books for Homeschooling Moms

  1. Positive Parenting. As parents, we are always looking to be better for our children and be with them to teach them and help them grow. Part of homeschooling your child is also learning how to be a positive parent as well.
  2. Homeschooling Handbooks for Moms: How to Teach by Example. If you want to teach your child how to learn, be stress-free, and take their schoolwork seriously, that lesson needs to start with you!
  3. Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe. You are good enough to homeschool your little ones. For all those days of doubt, this book is a must-read.
  4. Life Management for the Busy Homeschooling Mother: Strategies for Creating a Peaceful Home. Looking for a way to find the calm within the storm of trying to homeschool and keep peace within your home life? This is the book for you.
  5. Answers for Homeschooling. If you’ve got questions, this book has answers. Build up your confidence with this simple and easy read.
  6. The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas: 55 Moms Share their Expertise on 103 Topics. If you’ve ever had the feeling that you are alone in the homeschool world, you aren’t. There are a ton of other mom and dads out there that have the same questions and doubts as you. Take a chance on this book and you’ll be happy that you did!
  7. Are you Enough? Encouragement for the Overwhelmed and Exhausted Homeschool Mom. Sometimes, it’s hard to be on the homeschool journey. This book will relate to you and what you are going through!
  8. Grace for the Homeschool Mom. You have the power to be the best you for yourself and your children. Allow yourself to believe that, and find that confirmation in this book as well.
  9. The Homeschooling Housewife: Juggling it all, one priority at a time. Feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed by everything that you have and need to get done in the day? This book is for you!
  10. Confessions of a Frazzled Homeschooling Mom. If you feel like your daily routine is anything but relaxing, then this may be the perfect read for you.

You can do it!

How many moms out there can truly say that they had a part in educating their child throughout their school years? Be proud of the fact that you are a homeschool mom. You are strong, you are smart, and you are taking an active interest in the development of your child. While some days may be better than others, it’s still a pretty awesome gig. And when you need some tips, suggestions or just downright funny stories to get you through the day, why not consider one of the suggested books above? You may find that the answers that you are seeking or the words that you are needing can be found in a few of those pages of the books. And if not? Keep searching, and never give up. While it may not feel easy some days to homeschool, it is absolutely without a doubt, worth it.




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